Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I heart Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Sarah of Modern Country Style has become a sweet blogging friend. We like to call each other neighbors/neighbours. 

When my daughter moved to England, Sarah offered to "scoop her up on the other end." And she invited Christy to her lovely home for dinner. (Check out her blog to see her sweet home.)

And among other things, Sarah taught me about Annie Sloan chalk paint. Last July, I wrote this post for Sarah's "Paint, please link party" and asked her advice on a paint project. (You can see the before picture on that post.)

I located a source for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Soft Wax, here in Chicago, at one of my favorite stores, Vintage Pine.

And two easy coats later, here is my finished project.

I liked it so much, I bought another cabinet (for five dollars) from my neighbor. This time I added two small bottles of white acrylic craft paint to soften the color a little. Now, I like this color even more.

In honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend, I put out my cool Union Jack tray.

Why I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

     *The prep work is so minimal. All I did was clean
       the cabinets with a soft cloth. NO sanding. NO 
       priming. (really and truly)

     *The paint dries super fast. By the time I finished
       one coat, it was dry and I did the second.

     *There are no strong paint fumes.

     *My six year old friend, Devin, helped me put the
       wax on, which was very fun. 

(The only thing I did not like is that the product is rather pricey, but it does come all the way from Oxford, England.)

I loved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and highly recommend that you try it. You will love it, too. 

ps. Check out Annie Sloan's facebook page to see examples of wonderful projects others have done.

Linking with the lovely Richella for her Grace at Home party.


  1. It looks SO cute! You did a great job!

  2. Lovely color. But why is it called chalk paint?

  3. Great tip Glenda ... I'm always looking for good a short cut. I just finished a redo on an old piano bench turned outside patio seating (with a cool tiled top). I love taking something old and battered and turning it into an eclectic piece. I'll be sure to try this Chalk Paint next go around!

  4. Ohh, beautiful. I have been itching to paint something lately. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  5. I loved this when Sarah wrote about it - and I love what you did with it! I'm a green fan, too. And blue and aqua and yellow...yeah I like color. :>)

  6. You are flooding my head with lovely quotes about the color green... there are many of them here on God's green earth.

  7. Glenda, I have had
    a can of Annie paint
    on my workbench for
    over six months {Duck
    Egg Blue!} and using it
    is one of my goals for
    this summer. I have a
    few potential "candidates"
    for this paint treatment
    and hopefully they will
    come out as well as yours

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Cute tray, too!

  8. It looks great, Glenda! I used to "re-do" old pieces of furniture frequently and this makes me want to look around for something to try.

  9. The minimal prep work sounds wonderful - and you did a great job!

  10. The pieces look great and I love how you changed up the color! We watched a special last night on the Queen and the upcoming Jubilee celebrations ~ love your tray!

  11. the furniture pieces!
    I am using the graphite right now. It is a dark grey
    And your prep!!
    Keep up the work your doing wonderful

  12. Hello lovely neighbour!!

    This post has put a great big smile on my face!! Thank you. ;-)

    Your furniture looks fab!! 5 dollars? What a bargain - you lucky girl!!

    I absolutely cannot bear sanding so I LOVED the fact that Annie Sloan paint can be daubed straight on. Hurrah!


  13. Lots of people love Annie Sloan chalk paint...I have yet to experience it.

  14. glenda--what a beautiful color........i'm guessing you're as exuberant in person as your colors are. lovely.

  15. Thanks for the tip. I have an old painted desk I want to put in another room and need to redo it.

  16. Thanks so much for this lovely piece Glenda! I'm so glad you like it. I so appreciate you writing these nice things. How great we have connected through Sarah! She's a great girl and she lives nearby me in Oxford.

    Just want to tell you that the paint is made in the USA, in Kansas in fact! I also have it made near to my shop in Oxford too. The reason that it's quite a lot for a can is because it is a very high quality paint, highly pigmented and made to a it goes a really really long way. One blog person painted 10 bits of furniture, several off them really large! We do sample pots too.

  17. Love the color you chose! I'll keep that paint in mind for pieces we will move with us. Hmmm, wouldn't my old bedroom set look wonderful in a new color....or maybe just a piece or 2 =)

  18. Your newly painted cabinets make me smile! I'm not much of a painter -- too messy -- but I live with a man who gave me his last name and he's a brilliant painter! I can't wait for him to try Annie's paint.

  19. Thanks for the recommendation! I may have to try it. Your cabinets look lovely :)

  20. I really like the paint color after you added the's so soft and gentle...beautiful!
    One of these days I'll try Miss Annie's paint; it comes highly recommended.

  21. How fun Glenda, I just happen to be visiting my daughter in London - I might have to pick up some of this fun paint! I'm not one for doing a lot of sanding and prepping so this sounds like my kind of paint!

  22. It sounds like you've found a wonderful way to refinish furniture. I've never heard of the product, but next time I have something that needs sprucing up, I'll give it a try. I hope all is well. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings....Mary

  23. Wow, great cabinet! I like the colour!

  24. Hi Glenda. Your cabinet looks great:-) I also love Vintage could spend hours in there! Let me know if you need anything or have any questions as I am the distributor of Chalk Paint™ brand decorative paints in the Chicagoland

  25. Glenda, I've GOT to try it! I have a couple of samples just waiting for me to find some time. I'm so glad to hear what you say here--I need minimal prep work, that's for sure. Your cabinet looks great. And I love the Union Jack tray!

    Sarah from MCS is such a sweet woman! Your story just confirms the high opinion I had of her.


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