Saturday, May 26, 2012

It is my rule and I am sticking with it

Comparing, feeling insecure, not taking responsibility for making my own choices, not being intentional, not paying attention ... does not work ... in parenting, in homeschooling, in blogging, in LIFE.

My philosophy/rule has always been ~ pray and ask God for wisdom, trust my instincts, pay attention to what is working and what is not working, talk to wise folks, read good books (adopting ideas I like, adapting others, and throwing out the rest), listen to what my family thinks and try to have some fun along the way.

In parenting, homeschooling and blogging ... this is how I found my own voice.

I read many blogs that I love and sometimes I am tempted to try and imitate them. I should

be more poetic

be funnier

be craftier

take better pictures

quote more Scripture

be more pastoral

(and the list could go on and on.)

But no ... I am me. Little old practical me. And I like me. That is my rule and I am sticking with it.

Do you ever feel tempted to ignore your own voice and copy others? 

 ps. Have you ever read my series on homeschooling? 
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  1. Oh, no this has never happened to me. Wink, wink, wink, laugh, laugh, laugh. So easy to do. But being oneself feels so very good. I love your recipe for staying in the authentic you.

  2. Hi Glenda,
    Be who you are, there's only one you. Trying to be someone else seems like it would be very stressful! I think we all compare at times-I think it's human nature. But, I find I'm most comfortable and happy when I'm myself. So, stick to your rule, follow your voice. Have a great weekend!

  3. I like you, too, Glenda! Keep writing!
    Ellen W.

  4. Check Heather's facebook page. She posted an article about competitive mothering that resonates with your comments. By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying my basket/tray and will think of you every time I use it. Miss you. RE

  5. Be yourself please. I like you so unique. I hope you will ever write a blog with tips: how do you orignineel. How you develop your own style. I love you, far-away-sister-in Christ.

  6. I love your voice! I still struggle with finding mine,(if you see it, point it in my direction :) Well done in sticking with "you"!

  7. I know the feeling! But please don't change your style. It is perfect and unique to you. :)

    Also, I did not know you homeschooled! I was homeschooled for the vast majority of my school years. I'm grateful for my mom's decision to put so much energy into home education.

  8. Comparisons can be a sneaky ( unconscious or unconfessed) way we can criticize self or others; I agree comparisons are important to avoid. But to be inspired by others to grow seems good to me so when you look at your list of "temptations" I think the real question to ask is if you would be more "this or that quality" out of competition or insecurity rather than by actual inspiration.

    So for example, as long as I don't beat myself up about it or ignore any more prioritized life opportunity-duty etc., it wouldn't be a bad thing for me to say...hmmm Glenda...I could strive to ( ******* all kinds of nice things we could fill in here ) as she does... and I would still be me.

  9. YOU are perfect just the way you are! I am so glad that you started blogging so that I could meet beautiful you. :)

  10. yes...this happens to be alllll the time. i am constantly having to take a step back and remember to be true to me. your advice for life is so simply brilliant. i love your wisdom. love it. love you, ms. glenda. thankful for you.

    and have i read your homeschooling series?? i believe i have, but i better check again when i don't have kids to bathe :)

  11. I think when I was just starting out ~ trying to find my own niche that I did a fair amount of copying. I did a post awhile back about "feeling sheepish" aka becoming a follower and not staying true to me. I think that I have my own little style now ~ maybe a bit too predictable at times but that's me :o)

  12. No, Glenda, I don't think of imitating anyone... I like my narrow little view of the world. However, it's sometimes a challenge to live up to it in the real world, especially when I attract few followers.

    I always look to you for the LIST. It's always amazing to see what you'll cook up next...sorta like writing a recipe for life or for a goal.
    Becky @ abbey style home :)

  13. I LOVE your voice, Glenda! Please keep being your lovely self. I love reading each and every one of your posts. :)

  14. Amen. Now to remember that day in and day out. I like your rule, Glenda. I really do. :>)

  15. Susan Echols-OrtonMay 26, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Right on Glenda. Always just be yourself. Now for my next # I will be doing a triple time step (tap dance) in my kitchen for just you & me (because it's fun) or any one else's entertainment. Ta da!

  16. I am grateful that you don't ignore your own voice or try to copy others because then I would miss out on you.

  17. Oh, Glenda...I am trying to find my voice and focus. This is a timely piece for me to read. Thank you for writing it.

  18. Glenda--I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, defeated, all those things, the first several weeks I started writing online. For all the reasons you mentioned. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me, "I gave you this gift of writing. It's yours to give away, no strings attached. And your voice is to be one of encouragement. period. you have a viewpoint no one else has, you have life experience, you have my Presence..." and on and on.
    The pressure was off and I am so happy.

    Where would we be with everyone sounding the same and squashing the gift they are to the Body? Lop-sided, for starters, and out of tune and monotonous.

    Sometimes, It's more of a joy to read and pray and comment and encourage after I read a post. Or sit and just cry and be amazed.
    Plus, I realize it's not the end of the world if I don't get a post done 'on time' for a link up.
    "Oh well, there's always next time." Praise God--He is eternal, He knows my life and my schedule. He can handle that.

    SO glad you shared this.

  19. I love your practical well-written voice. Thanks for sharing how you got here. :+) It helps.

  20. Love this, Glenda! Sometimes it's tempting to copy others - but I'm glad God made each of us unique for a reason! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  21. I have to admit I have struggled with this since I first started blogging. I am much more relaxed now but every once in a while I see a wonderful blog and think "maybe I should do that." It never works though. People see right through you and know you aren't being yourself. I think honesty is the most important thing and all the rest comes with it. Wonderful post...have a good week!

  22. Of course. A BIG yes!
    But truthfully. I LOVE YOU
    If we were all the same .. No fun
    Keep sticking to it. I come here for Glenda
    My wise practical friend!!!

  23. I love this -- thank you for the reminder that we are beautifully and wonderfully unique, with our own "mission" and "purpose" in His glorious plan!

    Comparison is just . . . awful.
    But this message is WONDERFUL. Thank you!!

  24. It can be so tempting to want to imitate others. But just be ourselves. What a great message that we ALL need to be reminded of often. Thanks, Glenda!

  25. I so agree. You have to write what you are passionate about it or it is more of a struggle. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  26. Oh my, Glenda, do I have to tell you how often I run up against this temptation. Too often I admit. Believe me when I yield to the temptation I end up sound wooden and without an authentic voice at all.

  27. I like you Glenda just for who you are, unique, fun, interesting. You always make me think and I so often think that I wish we were neighbors - I think we would be good buddies. Don't ever try to be anyone else, you're too special just the way you are!

  28. I love your blog and love you being you! I have also gone through periods when I think my blog or I should be different. And we, the blog and me, have definitely evolved over the past seven years.

    Blessings to you,

  29. Hi Glenda,

    This post was just great, I couldn`t stop reading it. Don`t change a thing about your ``voice`` it is perfect just the way it is. I much rather read blogs with different ``voices`` then tons of the same thing. However, I know I have gone thru the same thought process as you - should I sound more like other people in my posts, should I make my writting style sound the same in each post even though sometimes I want to write silly or funny and other times more straightforward or detailed. Finally, like you I said I will do whatever I want and just be me and that is good enought. btw, I love your characature, very cute! And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could come over here discover yours and read this great post. Now I`m off to check out the rest of your blog.


  30. Love the rule!!! So I guess if I feel like I should... than I've found my voice lol
    Have missed you, Glenda. So glad to be back :)


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