Monday, June 18, 2012

But there is always time for tea

You guys are great. Warm wishes to those that contacted me (when I did not post last week) to see if everything is okay at our house.

We are good ... just busy. Yup, twenty months into our move to Chicago, I am finally creating a life here.

And this past week has been full of highs and lows:

          *lots of fun company
          *lots of chats with our daughters (love skype) 
          *lots of aging parent issues
          *lots of important decisions
          *lots of ministry
          *lots of ... lots of things.

But, no matter how busy we are ... there is always time for tea. And when we can include our favorite 6 and 3 year olds ... all the better.

Had a good cuppa lately?  


  1. Yes, there's always time for a cup of tea. :) Had a lovely cup this morning. Also love a good glass of iced tea. I usually prefer just tea, but had a nice peach tea infusion the other day. It was yummy.

  2. ah! Love tea! love the pics! ;) Glad you are doing good!



  3. precious and it makes all of life's busyness and activities worth it

  4. Crazy busy, eh? Glad you had time for the good things in life, Glenda.

  5. Ahhh, good to hear from you! I thought about sending an email...but decided to pray for you instead =)

    I have my cuppa every night before I sleep...right now it's Salada Blueberry flavored green tea. Love it!

  6. Very sweet...! Glad you are living life, that's a good thing!
    Blessings, Lina

  7. Sorry it was a rough week, Glenda - but so glad to see you back in action here. The tea party is a great idea - I think I'll copy it when our girls are here on Wednesday. :>)

  8. So sweet, as in anything shared with grandchildren! Even a bitter cup of tea would be sweet looking at one of them across from you!

  9. Yes, yes, wouldn't be quite the same without a lovely cup of tea!!...and, even better, one with a lovely neighbour like you!!


  10. Glenda thank you for visiting as I have been remiss in seeing all of my friends lately!

    I love iced tea in the summer (or if not feeling the best) Hot tea more so when the weather turns brisk. Of course I would attend a Tea Party any time.

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  11. Your two little ones are just so sweet. They gladden the heart :-). I hope all the decisions don't weigh you down and that tucked into that very busy life you have some time to call your own. Have a good evening, Glenda. Hugs and blessings...Mary.

  12. Can't wait to have a cup with you next week and hear all about everything!

  13. Looks like they are having fun with grandma! Have a good week,

  14. happy to hear you are loving life...creating your little
    niche there in Chicago...what lovely children:)
    It has been so hot here I haven't wanted anything but water!

    I know in other countries that tea is at a scheduled time each
    day no matter the weather?
    Glad you have skype too! makes it so much easier
    love you:)

  15. I had a perfect cup with you! And I think I left Eliana's cutie little outfit at your house. Guess I'll just have to see you again soon! Thank you again for meeting Glenda- you are such a HUGE blessing to me!

  16. Creating Gg memories is the best!!! I've just started brewing my favorites 2 bags at a time and pouring into a large tumbler filled with ice. I had no idea how much I enjoy iced tea until I quit diet cokes... I look so forward to my glass each day. Would love to come share it with you :)

  17. Ah, tea. So relaxing. I like the hot kind, not the iced kind. Glad to hear all is well in spite of your issues. Sounds like real life! Take care.


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