Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Forgotten Member on Your Short Term Mission Trip (part two)

Several of my friends left this week on mission trips. It is a good time to return to our topic of the forgotten members on your team ... ie. the ones that stay at home.

As I mentioned in part one, I have gone on my share of mission trips and I have stayed home, too. Staying home is harder. And a smart "goer" will honor their family members that send them ... as they are an important part of the team.

Annual Paris party ... making some fun for our kids on a mission trip.

Things you can do during the trip:

1. Stay in contact as much as possible during the trip. During the early days of Royal Servants, (I stayed home the first three summers) we actually wrote letters (remember those) and enjoyed a few very expensive phone calls.

Now with the internet and skype, it is so easy. I know immediately that Dave has arrived safely, as well as what fun thing he just had for lunch.

I love having all the details of Dave and his team ... so I can pray well. (And I feel very loved when Dave is on another continent and hunts down an internet cafe.) 

2. When you are sharing with your loved ones at home the great things that God is doing on your trip, remind them that they are a part of it. They, too, are "laying up treasure in heaven."

3. When you are the one that stays home, ask for help when you need it. Let your family and your church family know how they can help you.

Did we really drag our wee kids around Europe? Yup, we did.

Things you can do after the trip:

1. Always, always, always bring home presents ... for everyone that stayed home. Good presents.

2. At the first possible moment after Dave's return from a trip, we spend several hours together catching up ... my stories, his stories. Lots of stories.

3. One thing I did for Dave was to prepare our girls for his  jet lag and sometimes emotional and spiritual exhaustion.

We had an often quoted saying in our ministry, "Dad is coming home on Monday, but he won't really be home until Friday." After lots of hugs, kisses and presents, I kept the girls happy and busy while Dave rested up.

Then I was due for a nice long break, too and the girls got plenty of time with Dave.

LI pray this is a great summer of ministry for mission trips around the world ... for those that go and for those that stay home. 

(Photos are from some of our early mission trips.)

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  1. Babe, it was awesome traveling the world with you!

  2. I bet "Anonymous" is Dave... :-)

    Our little family is working on many of the same issues short term missionaries face and I love gathering wisdom from women who have walked similar paths before me. Thank you for sharing the truth and speaking encouragement to my heart (something this emotional pregnant girl desperately needs).

  3. A great post.... a team to Peru just came home and they are passing a flu is so true...arrive on Monday and hold off the pressures for 5 to 10 days.

  4. Glenda - this is just great advice. You are my hero - to do this for a living is just plain above and beyond. Thanks for these good words - and great photos, too.

  5. I do love your posts where you share your wisdom and experience of the tough bits of family life - you're a legend!!! ;-)

    I'm glad YOU got a good break too. I bet you needed it!


  6. Love, love, LOVE your posts! Thanks for these. And thanks for the Bible verses--so sweet. I will definitely remember to bring home gifts . . . GOOD gifts! ;)

  7. Wonderful post! thanks for sharing!!

  8. You have some great suggestions for those who hold down the fort while missions are undertaken. I definitely hear the voice of experience speaking :-). I loved the pictures of your children. You have the gift of being able to make a home wherever you find yourself. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  9. I like this posts! And special the lovely pictures. So great you was in my Europe ;-)

  10. You are so smart. Realy, really. T

    he hubby just got back from Peru. You saved him from a week worth of activities I want to cram in. You are right. The jetlag needs to wear off, and he needs to recup, and thank you for acknowledging those who stay home...that is a challenge too and one that people often forget!

  11. Love those sweet pictures of your children in Europe!

  12. Good suggestions! I'm sure it's hard to be the one at home!

  13. What wonderful, sweet pictures! Your advice is sound, just what I'd expect from you! Love the gifts part =) Love the asking for help part too. Very good advice in so many situations. I had to get over 'doing it all myself' many times in my life!

    Happy 4th to you, Glenda!

  14. I love this. It reminds me of military wives too.
    Our men are important and deserve our thanks etc but
    so do their wives and children.
    It is SO hard for mom's alone raising the kids and
    handling all of the household responsibilities etc.

    I often think when they are thanking our soldiers they might have a day to honor their families...just sayin:)

    keep on keepin on:)and happy 4th

  15. Great tips, Glenda! I have lots of friends doing missions the last few months and the rest of the summer. Blessings to you and Happy 4th! :)

  16. I have always been the one to stay home...God has never asked me to do a mission trip of any kind...not even here in the U.S. I support or have supported (both emotionally, spiritually and financially) missionaries and two are very good friends of mine. One of those is in Taiwan still and I love all of the updates! Yes, I have felt many times that being here was not good enough to God, but I know that is not true (my mission trip is here in the U.S. ministering to other women through my life, blog, and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Thank you for your tips...Happy 4th of July!

  17. Such great tips here. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


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