Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom ... is not free.

Sunday afternoon, Dave and I went to an Independence Day concert at The Moody Church. I am still a bit of an old school music girl that truly loves the full choir, orchestra, piano and pipe organ. So my soul was very happy. (Thanks for inviting us, Daniel.)

They did a medley of the theme songs from each branch of the military. During each gorgeous piece of music, anyone who served in that branch, past or present, stood. There were a lot of tears and a lot of loud cheering. 

My mind had already been thinking of the sacrifices made for our freedom ... both from those who serve and from their families that stay home. 

I have been thinking of some of my friends:

          *my blogging friend, K, whose husband is
            in a dangerous place overseas

         *my sweet friend, Laura, who moved back 
           with her parents, while her Marine husband
           is away for six months. Laura has a young son
           and is pregnant

          *my lovely blogging friend, Julie, whose
            younger son just joined the army, making
            her the mom of two soldiers

          *and our good friend, Nate, who had recently
            visited us and told us stories of the many 
            times he almost lost his life as a Marine and
            the time he was shot in his legs

These are so many more and each deserve our love, respect and prayers.

Come back Friday to learn from my friend, Laura, TOP TEN WAYS YOU CAN HELP A MILITARY WIFE WHILE THEIR HUSBAND IS SERVING AWAY FROM HOME. Her list is very heart felt and practical.

Do you have family or friends that are currently serving our country in the military?



  1. hi glenda,
    up so early on this fine day?
    this is a lovely post, especially for today and i'm looking forward to laura's list.
    have a safe and happy day, good friend!

  2. I don't currently have family serving but The Baker was an Air Force officer and our younger son was an Army intelligence officer. I am so proud of both of them--and grateful. The Baker also had a career with the V.A. taking care of so many who served. A big thank you and prayer goes out to all those currently serving in the military.


  3. Happy Fourth of July! May God bless those who serve our country - and those who have given their loved one to protect us. And may God bless America!

  4. My husband retired 22 years ago after 23 years in the Army. I will never forget the 4th of July celebrations on military bases. The fireworks would start after the cannons went off at the end of the William Tell Overture. Soooooo moving!
    I know make cards for Operation Write Home. They send blank, handmade greeting cards to deployed troops who use them to send letters and messages home. To date over 1.6 million cards have been made. If I were going to be home today, I'd be in my craft room stamping more cards! Jean Sundquist

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert, Glenda. Our home is one where the efforts and sacrifice of those who serve is really appreciated. We pray for their safety and the well-being of their families. I hope you have a great holiday.Blessings...Mary

  6. I came here via Becky's blog and am entranced. I have read your ABCs and just had to read all the js for journaling. I presently have two 'hard copy' journals plus my blog. You have set up and are continuing to create a delightful blog. I will be back.
    As for the 4th, it is my second favortie holiday behind
    Christmas. I have to spend it on a lake and preferably watch the fireworks from our pontoon. The sight of all the boats moored out on Seneca Lake here in Ohio is a beautiful sight and then there are the fireworks off the Big Island. We get the three grandkids--haul them over the rails of my son's boat (tied up to ours) and ours and take them to our place at a nearby all-year-round campground. It's step-over sleeping kids in the living room night, but last year due to a separation, my son didn't have them and we were all bummed out. The fireworks are not complete without a child's squeal and I really missed having my living room and loft full of mischievous, tired children. The next morning I felt like I had a hangover and I hadn't drunk any alcohol!
    My father served in WWII and was a German POW. He loved the 4th and he and mom always came to the lake for the fireworks and then just he came after leukemia took mom. He has been gone almost 6 years now. Not many days go by without thinking of him, but the 4th esp.

    Great post for this day and I will be back for your follow-up on Friday. :>)

  7. Somehow I got off topic a bit. I love the patriotic songs and would have truly enjoyed that service. The only one I know who is serving in the military is blogger Mari's son who is presently stateside. I would like for my freshmen and junior English students to get involved somehow with those serving. They don't know how to write old-fashioned letters and it's an art that needs preserved. I would love to start something next year.

  8. Oh, that concert would definitely have put me in a patriotic mood! Thanks for this reminder to pray for those who are actively serving.

  9. Thanks to all our service men and women; I've two nephews in the military, both have been in sand lots but are now back home.

  10. I'm a little envious that you were able to hear such a stirring concert. I'm very old-fashioned and sentimental when it comes to supporting our troops and celebrating patriotic occasions. Thanks for sharing and for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  11. thanks for this wonderful reminder Glenda! I think we so often forget the price that is paid for our freedom. I can only imagine how beautiful and inspirational the service was at Moody Church! Wish I could have been there!

  12. I don't have any immediate family serving, but there are a handful of people in our church in the reserves. I am thankful for the sacrifice our service men, women, and their families make.

    Have a good weekend,
    Karen :)

  13. So right...a day to dedicate to those who serve. My niece is one with her husband. I think of them constantly and their protection. Good post!!

  14. A few weeks ago I hosted a commissioning party for my long-time neighbor who is entering the US Navy Nurse Candidate Program. It was such an honor and I'm so proud of her. I totally agree with everything you said. My heart is filled with gratitude for the sacrifices made by families of our military personnel. Thank you for this post.'s really hot here too. Today it hit 102!

  15. G-
    Our son is in Africa now. He is a college student - an ROTC and loves it.
    All of this has certainly opened my eyes to how dedication and perseverance guide so many wonderful people to want to serve for our freedom and for peace.

  16. At the concert we attended on Sunday, they play the military songs for the branches of service....people who serve or have served stand...and we applaud like crazy =)

    Hope your 4th was special!

  17. Glenda, I found my way here through your friend Jody Collins. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Came to your site and was drawn to this post. I'm a Army wife and Navy mom. Thank you for this very lovely post. I look forward to exploring further.
    Your friend shared such kind words about you in her recent post...would love the opportunity to connect at some point.


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