Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Cups of Coffee

Just like you ... my life can get a little overwhelming.

Saturday morning I woke up:

          *with a lot on my mind (family, life, ministry stuff)  
          *with a lot on my plate (ministry picnic, dinner guest -
                all fun ... just busy) 

          *a deep sense of tiredness

We left the house early to meet our friends Gordon and Rita, who had driven in the night before. Rita is a good friend from our years in Minneapolis and now we are ministry partners with WorldVenture.

All we had was 90 minutes and two cups of coffee

As we slowly sipped our coffee, we talked fast. We covered all our favorite topics ... our lovely daughters, our sweet husbands, our highs and lows, stage of life stuff and Jesus.

Just 90 minutes with a dear friend and two cups of coffee ... and we both walked out encouraged and energized for a busy fun day.

So ... get our your french press, your tea pot, your seltzer water ... and invite a friend over.

We need each other.


I would love to share a cup of coffee with all the sweet Soli Sisters. 

I am linking today to my coffee loving friend Paloma.

The Coffee Shop              


  1. so true...we need that, don't we?

  2. Our time together was a refreshing time in so many ways for me. What I loved about our time was your empathy and encouragement, your authenticity and the good questions you asked. I am so blessed to call you my friend! Love, Rita

  3. So sweet and so true. A good friend and I set aside time every two weeks for bible study. We meet at my house, I make something yummy and we drink coffee, pray for each other, talk about life, and yeah, study something in the bible. Precious times.

  4. Glenda, what a great reminder to take the time to see friends face-to-face, even if we only have 90 minutes.

    Being able to catch up from a friend from a different city also reminds me of this verse: Like cold water to a weary soul, is good news from a distant land. Proverbs 25:25

  5. What a sweet post! And thanks for your comment - it's fun to be back at my blog after nearly a month break!

  6. What a wonderful visit even if it was only for 90 minutes ~ we do need face time and some days I crave just having that human contact. Coffee and conversation is the best especially when it is with a good friend.

  7. We do! Glad you were energized; I appreciate you sharing about it. I was nodding my head (on the inside, anyway:) about waking up with a lot on your mind and all of that. I can so relate, especially lately. I need to schedule something like this soon. :)

  8. I love your posts Glenda, they always make me smile and think. I do think that even two cups of water with a good friend though is wonderful. Friends are definitely one of God's greatest blessings!

  9. This is so true. I had dinner with an old friend last week and it made a world of difference in my life. Friends are such a blessing.

  10. Coffee and good conversation--two of my favorite things. Wish I could join you, Glenda!

  11. We do need each other. And the French press is the only way to drink coffee, isn't it?

  12. Thanks for sharing! Those cups of coffee look soooo good! I would love to have them join our "Coffee Friday Party" (link up if you can... your contribution would be really awesome) ... Yes... that's what I love the most about coffee... you can drink it on your own but it tastes even better when in good company! ;) Stay encouraged!

  13. I love this. Last week I was so frazzled getting ready for an Etsy shop event. My best friend asked me to lunch and I almost said no because I "didn't have time." But I said yes and I was so glad. We sat and talked and when I got home I was ready to dig in again...but with a calmer, more controlled attitude. We do need each other.

  14. AMEN to good friends and coffee :) I'm always amazed at how just a brief interlude of sipping with a soul sister can turn my day around. Blessings as you continue to share His light each day.

  15. Oh my goodness! I completely relate to talking fast to get everything in. We have SO much to say to each other, and it is wonderful to be able to spend face time with a friend. I'm a huge fan of social media, but nothing can substitute for time together "in the flesh."

  16. thank you for reminding me.
    this might be just what I need...
    Jesus is enough all the time but sometimes
    i think i need a flesh and bone person

    thank you thank you....
    happy YOU got to have that time with a friend and that
    you feel better. I know you needed it.

  17. I am sure that time was priceless!!

  18. Refreshing times. Looking forward to seeing a friend this week, too.

    I hope your body feels rested. Maybe you need a day just to curl up with one of the new books from Amazon!

  19. Great message! I like this blog.

  20. Coffee and a good friend....or my sisters. I will be partaking in lots of both this week-end. I may feel weary now but the energy and good conversation with flow like a mighty river when we're together =)

    Take care, my friend!

  21. G, I can so relate to
    this, as I woke up at
    4AM and could not fall
    back asleep, with too
    much on my mind! I
    have a dear friend driving
    in from Chicago today
    for the weekend and found
    myself wondering {at 5AM,
    when I finally just got up}
    how I'd make it through
    the day. Now I know, when
    she arrives, to have tea
    waiting and I know the
    conversation will be the
    best stimulant of all!

    Happy Thursday,
    xo Suzanne

  22. amen, sister.
    i love this so much.
    you are so right!

  23. Good word lady ... meeting a friend tomorrow night for coffee :)

  24. YAY! You did it! :) Awesome!

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