Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I do when I am a bit stressed

We all know that life gets stressful ... for all of us. I have had a lot on my mind lately. One thing I do when I am a wee bit stressed out ... is to putter. I love puttering and it always makes me feel better. 

This morning I was puttering by cleaning out the basket I keep on the kitchen table. It often becomes a catch-all for my bits and bobs. Lots of notebooks, magazine clippings, a present I need to mail etc. 

As I was looking at a cute lime green notebook, hoping to be able to toss it, I found lots of quotes that I had copied. They were really good. 

 Glenda's notebook quotes:

*To fully understand grace, I must fully understand that I bring nothing to the table.

*Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. There is more 
to life then decorating. (Albert Hadley) 

*The nature of spiritual life is that we are certain 
in our uncertainty. (Oswald Chambers) 

*Let's be patient and trust the treasure
we look for is hidden in the ground on
which we stand. (Henri Nouwen)

*Watch your words, for they may
become actions. (Thomas Krausse)

What do you do when you are stressed?  



  1. Hi Glenda, great post, although I wasn't really sure what 'puttering' was :) I love your quotes! What do I do? Hhmmm, I'll ride my bike, clean drawers (yes), make coffee and read blog posts from my favorite bloggers.
    By the way, I've added your blog to my random blogs roll, it's about time!

  2. When I'm stressed
    I become a whirling
    dervish around the
    house ~ cleaning,
    organizing, etc. I
    guess it needs to
    happen more : ) !!
    I'm in the midst of
    one of those feverish
    times, right now, and
    hope to have the house
    spit spot before my
    house guest arrives,
    when I can RELAX!

    xo Suzanne

  3. sadly, i usually not a good idea. i should putter more. :)

  4. I love the word 'puttering'. We don't have it in England but it makes me smile every time I read it!!

    These are great quotes, and I love the idea of that notebook!


  5. these are great quotes!
    what a treasure to find in that notebook. :)
    hmmmmm...when i'm stressed, i need space! :)
    and i like to create something.

  6. love your little lime green notes!
    stressed? sometimes i don't even when i'm stressed...tight shoulders are one sign...i get down on the floor and do yoga stretches. drink a glass of water.

  7. You too? I think part of my puttering is to help me feel productive through the stress. I often make a to-do list just so I can cross things off. It's my kind of stress therapy. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love and blessings,

  8. I think we are a lot alike. I love to organize and it gets my mind off my troubles. Great list!


  9. I usually get most stressed when I don't have the freedom to choose what I would next ( ideally) I take a big breath and remind myself I what I know to be sure and true...and press on until collapsing is possible.
    Puttering is, however, one of the minor sweet gifts of life...humming and puttering go well together. Praying without ceasing while puttering..hmm that sounds like a plan.
    Great quotes...thank you.

  10. Great quotes! And I wish that cleaning/organizing was my way to relax... wouldn't that be nice? :) ... Hubby is like that.... I cook and bake... especially bake... it makes me feel better :)

  11. Your quotes are thought provoking. I do hope you saved the notebook. I usually walk to relieve stress. It helps me re-focus and get on with things. It also removes me from the stressors that are causing my discomfort :-). Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. I love the phrase "bits and bobs." :)

  13. Great quotes..when I am stressed I need to get out in nature, and I have noticed I need that more and more as I get older.

  14. Glenda, great post.
    What do I do when I'm stressed? same thing--find something to organize. Seriously...there's something about making order out of all that chaos that ministers to my spirit.
    AND I have an old 'ledger' from the Thrift Store full of quotes I've collected over the years.

    One of my favorites--"Man is born broken, he lives by mending and the grace of God is the glue." Eugene O'Neill

  15. When I am stressed, I run around like a whirl-wind. I accomplish a lot on those days!

  16. Eat! Climb in bed and hide. Call all my friends and whine. Hnmmm....sounds a little pathetic.

  17. I journal. Nothing gives me more clarity.

  18. ohhhhhhhhhhh. looong sigh. what do I do when I'm stressed?
    cry and talk about it until I want to cut my own tongue out of my mouth.

    ouch. okay. it's not that bad...but it sure ain't pretty. :)

  19. Great quotes Glenda! Have been meaning to start doing the quotes notes myself - thanks for inspiring me. Cry, eat, sleep, worry would be my top 4 stress results!

  20. Oh, I think there may be many things I do when
    I'm stressed. Get lost easier when driving, clean, reach for food, talk too much, neck and shoulders get tight, and lastly - have incredible headaches. Stress and I dot get along very well. Thanks for your post today! Needed it!

  21. oh my..
    i do pray
    honestly? sometimes it makes me grumpy..ugh

    oh..and I love your quotes.
    I love Henri Nouwen..he is one of my favs

  22. I love this post. This is why I love your blog -- practical information that just warms my heart all at the same time.

    As for my stress? Shredding papers works wonders!

  23. Hi Glenda!
    Thanks for popping over from the Christmas in July party!
    I am very thankful to God for being retired, the stress is so much less!
    When I feel stressed I think of all the many stressful things I have made it through, and realize I am blessed, things can always be worse!

  24. When I'm stressed, I bake ... while listening to frivolous, lighthearted dance music. Distraction, fun, aromatherapy - it's got it all!

  25. If I can go for a run, it gives me time to think about my problem and that combined with the physical exersion usually calms me down.

    Love your quotes and also your notebooks.

  26. When I'm stressed, I read blogs. It's my happy place. Exercise helps, too.

  27. What a wonderful notebook to find on a stressful day! I like to talk it out with my husband when I'm stressed. He always makes me feel so much better. But I also like to bake when I'm stressed! I don't even have to eat it, just creating something helps me.

  28. I think I am puttering the summer away this year!!! It's been a quiet summer, I didn't realize that I am pretty much stalking the reign website hungry for updates. I love when a trip posts their latest tidbits of news. Makes my day!

  29. When i'm stressed, I'm grumpy and down. Often I go do something for myself: writing, reading, chatting with a friend. Sometimes the stress is too long and I spent a few days to come to rest.

    I like your wonderful quotes!

  30. Love the way you found those quotes in a puttering moment- seems like God's gift to you- so many words that offer hope and peace. The Oswald Chambers one is a favorite of mine. I used to collect quotes as a teenager- have journals filled with my favorite ones somewhere in my "save piles" :) Thanks for stopping by the Overflow, too. It's always a joy to visit you here.

  31. Hi Glenda,

    My stress-buster is a cup of hot tea (usually chamomile) and just a few quiet moments--emphasis on "quiet". I adore silence and think it's highly under-rated. AND, like you, I adore a relaxing afternoon puttering around my house doing something vacuuming. No matter what is going on in my life, if my floors are clean, it's just easier to deal with. lol

    Hoping you find many relaxing moments this week. Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  32. Hi Glenda, stress..lots of stress..a lot of it is self induced stress too, now that I think of it...I have a lot of anxiety..trying to take deep cleansing breaths..its too hot here in the desert now to go out for a walk, but that seems to help when I can do it..I like to swim, I just dislike having to get my suit on and go up to the community pool..but once I am in the water it is heaven to me...maybe I need to try to putter more..lots of cleaning out and organizing to do in this house..thank you for sharing today..

  33. Glenda, I'm not sure if it's stress or anxiety; perhaps a bit of both. Sometimes I nap...if I'm exhausted beyond tired...sometimes I putter, read, knit, work in the studio, sometimes I read the Bible or pray and sometimes I go to the pasture and sit with the sheep while the world spins by.
    Your quotes are wonderful, the first one on grace really, really speaks to my heart.
    thank you.

  34. Love that one by Albert Hadley. I hover between going into control mode and having a complete meltdown. I have spent years trying not to stress over things I have no control over ~ most times I am successful ~ sometimes not. I need to breathe and break things down into bite size pieces to better manage what needs to be done,

  35. Glenda so glad I hop over to your this post.
    Stress is such a joy killer along with damaging our bodies. I clean when I am stressed too or if it's really bad I put on a Gaither DVD and sing along. Take a walk if the weather permits is another stress reliver for me and sometimes I just put on a sad movie and cry till I have cried all the stress out. Good post. Blessings

  36. Those are very good quotes!

    I'm sorry about your stress. :( I hope things clear up soon!

  37. Those are very good quotes!

    I'm sorry about your stress. :( I hope things clear up soon!

  38. Some of the little green notebook quotes are being copied in mine. When I'm stressed I fix a package for someone. It could be a basket of cookies or a journal with a few quotes copied on the presentation page and tied up with a bow. But I've been known to putter, too.

  39. I have a quote notebook that I keep, too! :)

  40. Good morning, Glenda! Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit during Friday Coffee Party (a bit late I know)....I love your quotes especially the last one...

    When I get stressed I either bake or organize something. It keeps my mind occupied:)

  41. I love to putter as well Glenda! Your quotes are inspiring moment in my day. Thank you! I also want to send my sincerest thanks for your kinds words as we transition into life in Saigon. You were right, it is something else...a very special place. So glad you are able to follow along...

    Best wishes Glenda...

    Jeanne xx

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