Friday, August 3, 2012

August fun and a blogging break

This summer is going by so quickly. And August will follow in the quick foot steps of June and July.

 We have a fun month planned:

*This morning Dave and I are heading downtown to enjoy a summer morning in Chicago.

*I get to meet two blogging friends. One is coming to Chicago for a wedding and one is coming to speak. 

*Gene and Anne's kids are moving to Chicago. We get to scoop them up on this end. 

*Dad and Dorothy are coming for their first trip to Chicago.

*We are helping Jenny in the search for a new apartment. (I love looking at homes and I love packing.) 

August will be busy and fun. What are you doing this month?

And, I am taking a blogging break for the rest of the month. See you on September 1.

Y'all come back now. (pretty please)



  1. Glenda: It sounds like you have a full and fun August planned. I will miss your wonderful blog, but I will anticipate your newsy notes in September. I am taking a bit of wisdom from you and making plans now to put a hold on the August schedule before summer slips away. Have fun dear friend!

  2. What a fun August you have planned! Enjoy!


  3. Enjoy August, Glenda. It truly is only a matter of days until September now! I'll be looking forward to hearing lovely things again when your respite is past. :)

  4. Oh, you have so many things on your program. it is good that you have a blog break. I think of you - enjoy the month of August.

  5. Enjoy this months Glenda, sounds like a lot of fun stuff.

  6. This summer is going so fast. We have activities we would like to do before Ellen heads back to school. Of course, I will keep going through our 'stuff' in hopes of selling this house and moving on with our plans.

    Have a great month...I look forward to your return.

  7. Enjoy the lazy hazy days of August Glenda! I am writing from your Da Lat...thinking of you from the chilly side of Viet Nam. You are right, it is beautiful, so lush...we are off on a five your hike tomorrow...will be thinking of you!

    Best wishes Glenda....
    Jeanne xxx

  8. I will miss you but am thrilled you get a break with so many fun things to look forward to. I'll look forward to your return.

  9. Sounds like you have a great month planned! We'll miss you, but will be back here the beginning of September! It's so good to take a break from blogging as God leads - I only posted twice in July, and am thankful for the break to be refreshed in other ways ...

  10. Wow! Lots going on with you. Any chance you'll be coming out my way sometime this month? I miss you!

  11. Hello Glenda,
    Enjoy your break and all the fun you have planned. Our plans just changed a bit some straight line winds that came through. Spent all day yesterday cutting up some of our trees, retrieving our shingles from down the road (they were flung about the equivelent of two city blocks)and calling our insurance company. I like the physical part of the work, but I realized how much I had taken for granted my sweet trees and my roof. I have been thinking this summer for me has been about perspective (and God just proved it once again...)

    Enjoy all of August, Wednesday my girlie comes home and I will finally be able to hear about her adventures. I thought I was patient, but I have a feeling this week will be spent awaiting her arrival. Still haven't heard a peep out of that girl so the updates from Curtis are especially treasured by me.

  12. Enjoy the rest of the summer and look forward to "seeing" you in September.

  13. Have a wonderful August and stay cool and safe. See you when you return, Glenda.

  14. sounds fun...enjoy enjoy enjoy
    and you know i will be back.
    i might even take a short one many good changes
    but changes always bring with it some chaos.
    even if the changes are good

    live it up it up!

  15. You have inspired me to read Madeline E'engle this summer. I'm on my second book and have "A Wrinkle in Time" waiting in the wings. Anna is attending Whitworth this fall so I will be making frequent trips to Spokane this year.
    Have a great August!

  16. Enjoy your August and we'll see you in September!

  17. Your break is almost half over...enjoy every minute you have left!

  18. Enjoy your blog break! It's all about family & fun! xox

  19. Hoping you are enjoying a wonderful and relaxing week. We are enjoying our cool nights and warm days. Perfect weather, but fall is marching towards us.

    Sophie was able to settle back into our life wonderfully. Absolutely no jet lag. Not one ounce, which was so great as she plays on her high school football team and jumped immediately into two-a-day practices. It was beautiful the way God protected her because it really could have been hard on her body to be so tired and worn down and put it through those practices with all those boys. She misses her friends from the trip and is in constant contact with them via facebook and texting. I am thrilled. I am sad that many of them live so far away, I was hoping that at least one could live close so she could have that contact, but she has been making it work. She misses being surrounded by so many people all the time. Much too quiet here!

    So another great year of trips from Reign. A blessing to our family. I only wish I could give Jen and Curtis a big hug for such a wonderful experience, I tried to convey how wonderful an impact they made on Mackenzie's life, but words can't really explain it adequately. I am positive there are parents saying the same words about you and your husband!

    Enjoy your day,

  20. Ahem.
    It is now September 2.
    Just sayin'.

  21. Hope you have had a lovely August, Glenda...and that you'll be full of
    wit and wisdom and love of the Lord, as usual if and when it is ordained
    that you return to posting on your blog...just wanted you to I was
    thinking of you.

    blessings to you and yours in Christ Jesus,
    p.s. I attempted to email this and delivery failed...just so you know.

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