Monday, October 8, 2012

20 little things I love about fall (cheaters edition)

Melissa, at The Inspired Room, invited bloggers to join her in sharing "20 little things I love about fall." 

I love many things about fall, so I am cheating and writing 26 things ... one for each letter of the alphabet.

Acorns We have a silver bowl with 50 acorns that comes out every fall. It is a favorite toy of all kids that visit our home.

Butternut squash My favorite dinner is meatloaf, baked potato and squash.

Candy corn One candy corn and one cashew makes a perfect bite.

Dave and I are heading to New Orleans to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We got married Thanksgiving weekend, so we usually celebrate early.

Evening pumpkin pie party Sixth annual one at the girls home.

Fires Our fireplace is fake ... but we still love it.

Garland of leaves and lights over our bookcase.

Halloween The one thing I love about this holiday is the darling children in costume.

Insights from Scripture Thank you, God, for creating seasons. (Genesis 1:14)

Jackets and mittens and scarves, but not the winter coat, yet.

Keeping our home organized I love a deep fall clean before all the holidays begin.

Long walks in our neighborhood On our walk this weekend, we watched the filming of "Chicago Fire."

Montana Potatoes and other favorite fall foods.

Nesting I love pulling out the fall box and decorating.

Orange Our vintage Chicago apartment looks beautiful in fall colors.

Pumpkin pie, muffins, bread, soup ... you get the idea. 

Quilts It is time to pull them out again.

Reading ... a few fall favorites.

Soup Autumn Chowder is our family tradition.

Tea We are "the beverage family" and we love our tea in all seasons.

Unique fall napkins I found the perfect owl beverage napkins at HomeGoods.

Vase full of bittersweet When we lived in Minneapolis, we could pick our own. Now I pay too much, but it is worth it.

Warm cider Have you ever tasted Trader Joe's cider?

Xxtra cozy home I enjoy a cozy home in all seasons, but especially in the fall.

Yum ... coffee on a cold morning.

Zzz I always sleep better in cooler weather.

What are some of your favorite fall things? 

Happy Fall to Jen and the Soli sisters.                     


  1. Glenda: So many of your favorites are mine as well. Is it because I spent several autumn seasons having coffee and soup dinners and tea with you? Today I will put up my leaves and lights on the fireplace. Yesterday I had my first cup of squash soup. This list makes me miss you being in my same zip code!! Rita

  2. I'm thinking an annual fall trip to Chicago might make my list! :)

  3. Pumpkin... anything and apple.....anything! I bought a pumpkin cheesecake to take to church yesterday ($3.99 at a discount grocery). It was a hit, there was only a small piece left till I got to it =)

  4. LOVE this list, Glenda. Love you, too.

  5. Great list...we just got our first cold I can start thinking about fall...well cheese soup has to be at the top

  6. I don't like fall so much, because it brings the end of summer... so, I am very impressed with your 26(!) words... inspiring, uplifting, funny. Thanks!

  7. I love fall as well... except for Halloween... I wish stores weren't so filled with all those monsters and stuff like that... scary for little ones! But everything else... is just beautiful! (and delicious too!)

  8. Glenda,

    Living in New England what else could I love in the fall but the foliage!!

    Enjoy your 26 "things" and have a wonderful anniversary celebration.


  9. for whatever silly reason your post is making me cry...I am having a rough weekend and it is spilling over into today! I am good...God is faithful but sometimes it is hard you know?
    I LOVE bittersweet and pumpkin too:) quilts and fires and hot beverages...coziness is one of my favs.
    Since last year though I have noticed that the cold literally hurts my this age?! Happy Anniversary:) love you G!

  10. What a great list! I love pulling out the quilts too!

  11. Oh I love so many things on your list! Fall is my favorite season. My favorite *cozy* season! :)

  12. We're expecting snow flurries so I'm busy prepping the house. Closing all the a.c. vents, bringing wood to the back porch for the wood stove, pulling out the woolens.
    Hopefully, Glenda, I'll sell the calves this week; please pray God and I will get a good price.
    Love your list, especially since you did it alpha.

  13. Great list Glenda ~ I have the PVR set to record Chicago Fire on Wed night! I love crisp mornings ~ the colours oh the colours ~ pumpkin everything ~ sweaters, layering and last but not least hearty soups and crock pot dishes.

  14. What a great idea for a list. Loved them all!

  15. Love the alphabet inspiration for your list. And the one cashew and one candy corn for a perfect combo!

  16. I can ditto most of those things. Took a photo of an acorn on my morning walk and made butternut squash gratin tonight. We were all talking about how much we love the cool weather over dinner. I even have a bag of candy corn in my pantry.

  17. I am now thoroughly reminded that I live in a temperate zone! One thing I love about fall is that the summer fog goes away and the sun shines! Your capacity for structuring a format to inspire you in your sharing is once again very evident in another lovely post,.

  18. Glenda, I stopped at 'B' after I read Butternut favorite. I made some 'Squtternut Buash' (as my kids called it) Soup last night. Yum!
    Think I'm gonna re-read later this and print it.
    Very festive and fun.

  19. I love the longer shadows of sunny fall days. I also love the colors--on the trees and on the ground. Working in the garden to put things to bed for a long winter's nap. It's my favorite season!!


  20. I love that you did an alphabetical listing of your favorite fall things! You are so creative, and you mentioned so many of the reasons I love fall too.

  21. My husband loves the peanut/candy corn treat. I never thought about cashews--his favorite nut. Might be a good treat to have waiting on his desk Saturday when he gets home. I enjoyed reading your list.

  22. What a fun post. I loved reading about everything...what are Montana potatoes?

  23. I think its wonderful
    to embrace all of the
    positives in all of the
    seasons, as it's truly a
    blessing to live and love
    and celebrate our way
    through each one!

    I love running our {gas}
    fireplace each morning
    to take the chill off as
    I come down to make
    lunches and prepare
    breakfast in the cold
    darkness before dawn.

    Like you, I love it all!!

    Happy Tuesday, Glenda.

    xo Suzanne

  24. I'm a huge candy corn fan too. :-) Enjoy your pre-anniversary trip and congratulations on 35 years!

  25. Loved your list! I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis so I, too, was used to having free bittersweet! Now I'm in TX so I have to pay a lot for it. Didn't get any this year because the ones I saw were practically dead, so so much for that!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I loved browsing through yours! :)

  26. We can't get candy corn in England :) And I must admit I've never lived anywhere that had a Trader Joe's. Dying to visit one someday. Lovely fall list - very quintessential. Happy Anni!

  27. i love your list...i don't think you're cheating at all :) now i want soup for dinner!

  28. Such a fun post. 35 years...congratulation!! How wonderful. :)

  29. Oh, you make me want to write my own cheaters' list! Florida style, of course!

  30. Glenda- I love this list! I have the leaves you sent me last year (I saved them all year in a ziplock) in a pretty antique bowl on my coffee table which makes fall better since we don't get much fall in Dallas. Have so much fun in New Orleans... it is one of my favorite 'memory' cities, we went there almost every summer when I was a kid. You and Dave are a fantastic pair! (:

  31. This was lovely - such fun to read your list! And fall is the best - love this season!

  32. Love this list....tea for me, too and I have started loving butternut squash after the detox.


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