Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Newsy Bits and Pieces

How did it get to be November 6 already? Really. Time goes quickly when you are having fun. (and when you are about to turn 60)

Life has been full this fall.

Christy is home for three months. She has completed her first year of ministry in England. What a joy it is to all be together for this short season. Would you pray for her as she is fund raising and resting? (those two things are not usually mentioned in the same sentence)

my girls both have great home skills

Jenny continues to get settled in her new apartment.
I have tea with her there on Wednesday afternoons, after her busy work day.

banana cream and pecan pie

Dave and I just snuck away for a short trip to New Orleans. We were celebrating our 35 wedding anniversary. We packed it in and had a blast. (more about this in a future post. You want to know what we ate ... right?) 

Gene, Anne, Christy

Our dear friends, Gene and Anne were here for a visit. We miss the beautiful way we did life together when we lived in Seattle.

Precept Upon Precept happiness
Christy and I have begun an inductive study of Nehemiah. This is the beginning of my preparation for speaking at a women's retreat at our church in Seattle in April. (hi lovely ladies that I miss)

charming kiddos
Oh, how we love hanging out with these two. We enjoyed a day with them recently, while their dad and mom were home packing for a move. 

Christmas tree lighting at Macy's
This weekend, we enjoyed a visit from our lovely friends and former ministry partners, Dawnette and Melinda. Long chats, laughter, tea, remembering our years together discipling students in Europe, and of course, Dave's great tour of Chicago.

Well, there you have it ... a few of the reasons I have not been blogging as much as I like to do. But wonderful reasons, for sure.

ps. I stole all of these pictures from my family. 

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  1. Give Christy a hug from all us here in the UK - we miss her a ton and pray for God to raise up those funds so she can be back ministering with us.

  2. Hi Glenda,
    Wow, you've been busy with your people! Thanks for the peek at your life behind the scenes. No wonder you're such a vibrant one!
    Hugs, Becky

  3. You were a busy bee. I enjoyed hearing about it and loved the pictures too!

  4. You have a full plate...of love and fun! I am so happy that you have had a chance to be with all of your family and friends. I will pray and congrats on 35 years-how wonderful! BTW-you so do NOT look like you are about to turn 60. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us-I like getting to know you.

  5. Glenda, I would love to hear your insights on Nehemiah -- it is such a chock-full book and I used it in one of my classes about hearing God's voice. WOuld love to converse!

  6. Hi Glenda, looks like a fun and busy time you've been having! It all sounds wonderful. So glad you got to visit New Orleans, I'd love to go there someday. It sounds like an amazing place to visit. Happy Anniversary also, we are just one year ahead of you at 36 this past June. Praise God from Whom all blessing flow!

  7. Sounds like great reasons not to be blogging -- real live, in person relationships, lovely..the way all of our relationships were before computers! I do enjoy blogging friendships but they are not the same as the face-to-face ones!! :+)

  8. You have a lot of energy, sweet lady! I'm so glad you have been out and about and with friends and family. Life is good!


  9. A full and busy life. Can't ask for more than that...you are blessed my friend!

  10. I've been a bit behind in my reading...but I have been catching up. I love your morning routine. And your girls are so pretty! Enjoy the time with them.

    And I don't KNOW how it got to be November 6th already!

  11. When you are having fun and enjoying life blogging takes a back seat as it should. Glad to see you back ~ sounds like you have been busy and having fun. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  12. Glenda--One thing--you're the second person mentioning Nehemiah this week and I'm wondering if I should go back there next. I remember it was powerful book.
    Two--you're coming to Seattle? Wow. In April--please let me know where and when. I would so like to get to finally put your real voice together with just a smiling face here on my screen. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the snippets.

  13. You have the most fun life, Glenda. LOVE these pictures and the story they tell of close relationships and good times. Always glad to see you here - when you can squeeze in a post in the midst of all the great people and travel and stuff!!

  14. Way to go, Glenda! You are blessed! Love that Macy's Christmas tree!

  15. Glenda,
    Love the photos! As for Macy's decorating for Christmas so soon - too soon... crazy!
    Looking forward to the New Orleans food report.
    Love, donna

  16. So many wonderful things going on! Happy Anniversary!! Love all the beautiful family photos! :)

  17. Glenda,

    I just came across your blogspot and what an encouragement it has been! Your joyful heart and practical and instructive words have been a delight. Looking forward to stopping by again and getting to know you better.


  18. Glenda, wonderful reasons all for not blogging so much lately. God speed on your upcoming engagements and congratulations to you and Dave on your wedding anniversary.

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love strong and happy marriages! My husband grew up in New Orleans and considers it the best city in the USA:) hope you had fun!

  20. you are so cute! cute babies and daughters too!
    life is so meant to be lived..love hearing you stopping in to share your new adventures and I must say you are doing more perusing around than last year:) happy too that your daughters are close for a season..giving you a big virtual hug!!

  21. Looks like you're enjoying a full, busy, FUN season of life, Glenda. I love the pic of your daughter's kitchen window--it's so cozy looking!

    And happy 35th anniversary! WHAT a milestone! I'll be New Orleans was a blast.

  22. Sounds like a delightful month. I'll be praying for your daughter's fundraising--certainly not resting at all.

  23. Pretty lovely reasons! A joyous Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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