Sunday, December 16, 2012

All is Bright ~ Finding Fun at Christmas (part one)

Christmas is fun. (right?) Yes, we are busy, (shop, cook, bake, wrap, clean, mail, get groceries ...) yet amidst the frenzy, there is always time for intentional fun.

I am a simple girl, so I choose to keep our Christmas simple. But you might be a gold and glitter fancy girl. Both styles are fun.

Top five Childers' traditions (when our kids were young.) 

1. Christmas books and a delightful December 1 tradition.

2. Christmas crafts - you do not need lots of ideas. We did the same three every year, which is how traditions are made:

          *gingerbread houses

          * ice candles

          *decorative soaps

3. Celebrating Advent.

4. Teaching spiritual truths with our Nativity collection. 

5. Focus on others. (no one wants selfish kids)

And a sad p.s. ~ I was at a cozy coffee shop working on this Christmas post. When I arrived home, I heard of the tragic school shootings.

My first thought was to postpone talking about Christmas fun. As a mom, my heart and prayers go out to these families.

But, my second thought was ... we do not want to waste a moment in creating wonderful memories for our families. 

So, today, hug your kids and gather your family around your table to make gingerbread houses. That is what we are doing today with our darling borrowed children. 

Added Sunday night ...

We had so much fun today.




  1. Love your post! Merry Christmas,Glenda!

  2. Yes, we must not forget - in the middle of the senseless tragedy - to make good memories for those who are dear to us. Make the memories while we can!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful words and sentiments. That is a lesson I have learned through our trials the past few years. Love every moment of sweetness, peace and joy you have together. For life is not easy and will not be without tragedy, but we can find life's greatest happiness in small moments together with those we love. Sending you fondest wishes for a blessed and beautiful holiday season.

  4. Glenda, I look forward to your ideas! Never heard of Ice Candles, and I can't wait to check out the Soap! I think I'll head out to Trader Joe's and get a gingerbread house kit for only $7.99!!!

    Yes, it's very hard to think of fun when there are so many parents and other family members and friends living a real, true nightmare. My first instinct was to jump on a plane and fly out there and hug everyone of them. I know what it's like to lose a child...but to murder...NO. I cannot fathom what they are going through. Lord bless their souls, and may this tragedy bring you glory...may others seek YOU in their time of need. May you comfort them and wipe away their tears.

    1. I meant to say...may you be glorified in the midst of such tragedy. I do believe good can come from evil. We must seek YOU Lord to find the good.

  5. these are all wonderful ideas, Glenda. ;)
    we are truly trying desperately to focus on the true Meaning of this wonderful season. God is so faithful!

    praying for those who are suffering and lost in devastation.
    i cannot even imagine.
    so thankful Immanuel came, to save us from this wicked world.

  6. Yes, we all must go on...somehow. And be glad if we can!

  7. We put one foot in front of the other and go on ~ hug our loved ones a little tighter ~ and show them everything that is the magic of Christmas. My heart hurts for all the families in IL.

  8. Yes, we must not let evil steal the joy of celebrating GOD's gift to us.

  9. love that you created so many sweet traditions with your kids when they were little....
    we usually do the same things, too!

    also love that you have "borrowed" children that you create fun with....what a blessing you are to those around you!

  10. traditions at our house included church services which I adored. one Christmas, we had a huge snowstorm and only Daddy and I went to church. when we got there, it was the preacher and 2 other people but we had church anyway...FUN! and memorable.
    usually, I would "drag" some stray or orphan home with me. in 1971 Joni Fukuda, from Hawaii, was in the dorm and not going to go home for Christmas...too far and too I called Mom/Daddy and asked if Joni could come home with me. of course, they said yes and on Christmas morning, Joni had gifts under the tree. Mom made sure Joni wasn't left out. I've often wondered what happened to Joni, how her life turned out.
    Merry Christmas, Glenda!


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