Friday, December 7, 2012

Silent Night ~ Finding some Quiet at Christmas

I know that we often sing Silent Night each Christmas ... at our church it is usually by candlelight. 

But, I am wondering, have you given any thought to how to have some quiet in your life as we prepare for Christmas?

My top ten ways to find some quiet at Christmastime:

1. Set aside time every day to sit in front of your Christmas tree enjoying the twinkle lights. Just be. No doing encouraged.

2. Unplug ... from as many plugs as you can.

 3. Go to bed 30 minutes early and enjoy some quiet moments before you sleep. Put the kids to bed earlier, too.

4. Go to church early and listen to the worship team warm up. Enjoy some moments in your beautifully decorated sanctuary, before the crowds arrive.

5. Schedule a massage. (Check out massage schools
for deep discounts.)

 6. Take delicious beverage breaks throughout your day. Coffee, tea, seltzer water, egg nog ... and enjoy it in a comfy chair with your feet up.

7. Plan at least one Saturday morning to stay in bed for an extra hour or two. (Trade off with your husband if you have kiddos.)

Set up a pretty and delicious breakfast tray the night before. Read a favorite Christmas book or magazine.

(Every December, I read Shepherd's Abiding by Jan Karon and Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher.) 

8. Make some of your necessary chores (wrapping presents, addressing cards) a fun time of quiet. Build a fire, light some candles and work away. 

 9. Plan a walk at dusk (hopefully in snow.) Leave the i.pod at home.

10. Go to your favorite coffee shop, alone, and drink a favorite beverage ... slowly. (Mine is an egg nog latte and I did this today.)

Okay, now you extroverts ... on to less alone time.

Please join me next week for the rest of the series ...

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  1. Thanks for the new quiet-time ideas :) Happy Silence!

  2. my introverted heart loves this.

  3. You have mentioned two of my favorite books! I just pulled out the Christmas mugs this morning and will place Jan Karon on top of my Christmas magazines beside my favorite chair.
    I have quite a bit to do before the children arrive next weekend but am feeling more relaxed.


  4. Good counter the culture advice! Advent is to be enjoyed...

  5. Glenda, this will be a different Christmas season for me, as you know, but I did light up at the mention of the books--I'm always looking for a great story. I'll have to check those out.

    Thank you for sharing your peace and quiet ideas :-)

  6. I am looking forward to many evenings of quiet time ~ these are great suggestions ~ I however have a very hard time shutting my whirling brain to the off position. I always said that I would be no good at meditation! Happy Sunday.

  7. this is SO needful today and even more so this crazy time of year..
    now which should i try tomorrow?

  8. My very favorite thing to do is to sit in front of my Christmas tree at night. Just sit there with the lights twinkling and Christmas music playing in the background. It's not very often that I just sit, but I do make sure I take time every night during Christmas! And great idea about making the breakfast tray up the night before! I love taking breakfast in bed to my family, but I could make it even more special if I planned it out in advance! Hope you are having a great December. We got a beautiful snow today, now even the outside of my house seems dressed and ready for Christmas!

  9. Just getting caught up on blog reading this morning and read your wonderful series. I'm loving your wisdom here, Glenda. Thanks for sharing it.

    Just last night, as my back was giving me problems (it NEVER does that!), I said to my husband, "I think I need to schedule a massage." He said to go for it. And now you have confirmed what I need. Off to schedule! :)

  10. Thank you for these wonderful slowing down suggestions ~ I just pulled out my copy of Shepherd's Abiding and enjoy reading it each year as well :)
    I will check out Winter the idea of taking time each day to just look at the Christmas tree lights and Be Still.

  11. Wow, I feel more relaxed just reading this. I am trying this Christmas to keep things as simple as possible and it is amazing what an uphill battle that is. I love your ideas and will definitely incorporate as many as possible.

  12. This is a great series, Glenda, and happy birthday month to you. Me, too.

  13. Thanks for providing such valuable info worth recommending to our friends and followers. More power to you!


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