Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Panera Girl and Panera's Steel Cut Oats

For many years, I was "Panera Girl." In Minneapolis, I trained new employees and in Seattle, I worked in the bakery. It was a fun job that allowed me to help pay for our girls' college bills.

Panera is an innovative bakery/cafe that is always changing and keeping up with current food trends. When we were in Seattle a few weeks ago, we met some friends (newlyweds) at Panera  and I discovered their newest item ...

 ... organic steel cut oatmeal with fresh strawberries, toasted pecans and a cinnamon turbinado sugar mix.

It was beyond delicious!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Come to the Sea to Breathe

There is nothing quite as refreshing to the body, soul and spirit, as enjoying my morning tea, with a view of the ocean out our cabin window.

Then each afternoon, walking to a bench I discovered this year and sitting outside (yes, in February) while watching the tide come in and go out ... again and again.

Time to think and pray and breathe.

My time at the bench (at the beach) was inspired by the lovely pastoral writing of my friend, Diana.

Where do you go to breathe?

ps. For 25 winters we have come to Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach, OR for my husband to teach a week long class on World Religions. When Dave saw the title of my blog, he said, "you might have 'come to the sea to breathe', but I 'come to the sea to teach.'" 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Three Weeks Off-line (part three) ~ What I Did

Hey, sweet blogging friends, thanks for the nice welcome back after my three weeks off-line. Have you been wondering what one does when you are not on-line?

What I did?

     *took six flights

     *slept in 8 different beds

     *had my first visit to WorldVenture's headquarters (beautiful) and met amazing WorldVenture missionaries

    *enjoyed the gorgeous mountains in Colorado and in Washington

    *walked along the stunning Pacific Ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon

    *enjoyed hanging out with Dave's teammates 

    *went on a tour of the Celestial Seasoning tea factory in Boulder, Colorado (Thanks, Shauna and family)

     *got to hear a lot of sweet voices saying "Aunt Glenda"

    *went to the Lake house where we used to live (sigh)

     *saw all my brothers and sisters, as well as my and (love, love ,love) 

     *was with my dear friend, Anne, in three different states

    *enjoyed the early Pacific Northwest spring (blooming daffodils)

     *lunched at Chang's Mongolian Grill (how we miss you)

    *had coffee with Dave in our two favorite Seattle coffee shops (The Met and Seattle's Best Coffee)

    *Saw loads of friends in Seattle and Spokane (happy) but didn't get to see everyone (sad)

    *read three books (Major Pedigrew's Last Stand, Warm Springs, Gilead)

    *attended my nephews basketball games (and cheered loudly)

    *watched fun movies with Dad and Dorothy

    *received two beautiful necklaces (thanks Ruth and Kae)

    *discovered Bad Blake (thanks, Rich)

    *watched all 3 3/4 hours of Whitney Houston's funeral (powerful music and Scripture) while my sister attended her friend's mom's funeral

    *did not drive a car once (never miss that)

    *enjoyed being with my baby brother on his 41st birthday

    *spent our 25th year at Ecola Bible School where Dave teaches each winter for a week. (25 years ... that went fast)

    *had breakfast with my sweet friend, Dawn. (we usually have breakfast in Ireland)

    *only bought one thing ~ a small candle holder from Sesame and Lillies (I know, Dave ... that is a first) This is funny ~ I woke up at 3 am last night and the first thought that popped into my mind was ... hey, I forgot that I bought 5 shirts at my sister's favorite consignment shop.

Well, I wrote this during my last flight home. Got the last standby seat ... yeah! I cannot wait to see Jenny, skype with Christy and reconnect with Dave, who flew home last week. 

I have missed our vintage Chicago apartment, the busy city and ... my lime green computer.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three weeks off-line (part two) ~ What I Missed

Three weeks is a long time to be off-line. While I am glad that I chose to leave my lime green computer at home, there were things I missed.

     1. I super missed skyping with Christy in England.

     2. I missed catching up with my on-line friends. This sweet community of women that means so much to me. 
          *how are my friends that are grieving?
          *and those beautiful word girls - what have they been writing?
          *and the creative decorators and idea girls - I bet I missed some wonderful things
          *what have the Soli Sisters been up to?
          * what delicious recipes have I missed and gorgeous photos?
          *and those darling daughters of mine - I wonder if they have been blogging?
           *Sandra, Becky, Pam, Bonnie, Susanne, Shelly, Diana, Tiffini, Cherry, Jen, Alicia ... and the list goes on and on ~ I missed you.
          *And finally, what is the darling Sarah wearing these days in snowy England?

I am a relational girl, so I enjoyed being with loads of friends, face to face, in three different states. But I missed you, dear blogging friends and am glad to be back. Thanks for all that you add to my life.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Three weeks off-line (part one) ~ What I Liked

Three weeks is a long time to be off-line. It was a fun and refreshing break.

What I liked:

     1. I loved not dealing with my computer through multiple security lines. They are hassle enough, as is. And my carry on bag was much lighter.

     2. I loved having more time for reading (3 books and lots of magazines.)

     3.  I loved having more space in my day to walk, drink tea and have long chats.

     4.  I enjoyed the break from blogging, but am excited to be back.

     5.  I enjoyed sending post cards and letters ... the old fashioned way.

Have you ever considered a break from blogging?

Linking to the lovely Soli Sisters.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14

Happy Valentines Day
dear friends!

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