Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am sure that you have heard of "runner's high." (I personally have never experienced it.) I often, though, get a creative high. I actually feel a distinct lift in my spirit when the creative bug bites me.

When I rearrange my living room furniture - creative high. When I am preparing a talk and just the right words come to me - creative high. When I fix a delicious and pretty lunch for friends - creative high. I am an an idea person, so my style of creativity often comes (in the middle of the night) as a new creative idea.

During college, I was introduced to Hidden Art, which profoundly influenced me. Edith Schaeffer introduced 
me to this amazing truth about creativity.

  • We are all made in God's image.

    God is a creating/creative God.

    Therefore, we are creative.      
All these many years later, I still honor and enjoy this mark of God's image in me - creativity. 

 How do you express your creativity? 

(* Reworked from a former post. The beautiful journal pages and collages express our daughter, Jenny's creativity.)



  1. Glenda,
    Thanks for shedding light about us being creative as we are made in His imagine! It's nice to know that while some are professional creative people (musicians, artists, etc), all of us have the ability to create.
    As for me, I do enjoy creative writing (which I must get back to!), crafts (currently focused on scrapbooking), and photography. There is something about doing "creative" that feeds my soul...and now I know why!
    Love you!

  2. Oh, I totally understand that "creative" high.. love how you use your gifts!

  3. I love seeing your daughter's art. I tried to narrow my creative spurts to just one category but there's too many. When I get creative bursts I just do what's next--a meal? I play with table settings. Cleaning? I move some things around or fix a flower bouquet. Write, crochet, knit, etc. Or I call my mother and we share ideas.

  4. Your daughter is really creative Glenda. I am a closet writer who lacks the courage to contact a publisher. I hope that the Chicago winter hasn't got you down. Stay warm, dream of tulips and have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Glenda, you are a significant creative inspiration in my life. After I would have tea/coffee with you, I would come home and engage in something creative that was sparked by something you said or some lovely part of your home. Today I will engage in something creative - thanks to your article. Fondly, Rita

  6. I love seeing your work. And the rearranging of furniture? I am so with you!!

  7. I love your posts! They are always so encouraging to me. I remember reading Edith Shaeffer's book "The Hidden Art of Homemaking". It was very inspirational!

  8. Lovely post, Glenda, as is the work of your daughter's hands. Perhaps we think we're not creative because we move away from God and choose busyness. Like you, I enjoy public speaking, teaching, writing and have had such a burst of energy this week while writing the GO book. It's been wonderful! This morning, Pastor Begg said some things that really encouraged and inspired me and I feel like God said, "Sandra, see it through!" Wise words for daily living, eh? -smile-

  9. oh the middle of the night yes! that happens to me i always have a pen and paper by my bed and i am forever writing notes to self:)
    staying warm up there i hope:) and hugs

  10. Hi Glenda,
    I just caught up on your January blogs...yes it has been a busy time in multiple realms...but I have thought of you doing some "morning pages" as you call them...a little too intense for popping up on my blogs...but happy to have oozed them out. Writing in the morning was a strong habit of my life prior to this live on site job of the last 6 plus years.

    So I appreciate your reflections on new year...direction.. our creativity because we are of the Creator...that friends are a gift from the Lord ( and all your practical reminders of pursuing contact with others in a real and open hearted manner...and hmmm what else did I read here tonight? As the kids say ( oh that was it, borrow some kids... a great idea and while I can't borrow any right now, I did express my creativity last night by making a dolly bed for one of my little great nieces which I will mail off.) any way, as I saying, as the kids say, you rock Glenda. And Glenda says...Jesus rocks, right?


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