Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morning Pages

January is a fun month for me. I love the feel of

a new year

a new month

a new day.

A beautiful fresh start
January is a good time to reflect:
What areas of my life are going well?
What areas could use a tweek?
Are there things, I used to do, that I would 
like to bring back?
A beautiful time to make changes.
As I was processing and praying in the middle of the night (sleep is not always my best thing), I realized I was missing an old habit of mine. It is time to bring back morning pages.
I first read about morning pages in the book The Artist's Way Julia Cameron suggests beginning each day by writing three pages in your journal.  Free form style ~ no agenda, no need to correct mistakes, just write.
Morning pages for me are part journaling, part processing and part prayer. What I am thinking and feeling tends to surface. And I often sense God's direction as I write.

I am already loving it. Do you want to join me?

ps. Blogger is being a pill today and not letting me control the spacing. Silly.




  1. Glenda, sounds like a wonderful idea! I journal in the mornings, too - writing out my thoughts, what is going on in my mind and heart - and my response as I read His Words. Would be fun to hear more of what the author describes as "morning pages". Sounds good ... enjoy!

  2. This book has been recommended
    to me, before. I believe the universe
    is nudging me along to read it!

    After a week of flu, I am now in
    bed with a stomach virus. So far
    my New Year has not been the
    lovely beginning I look forward to
    in January! Silver lining: time to
    catch up with blog friends : )

    Glad you are enjoying this new
    year, Glenda!

    xo Suzanne

  3. I think I would have to get up a whole lot earlier to write 3 pages in the morning! Love the idea though Glenda and if you are already loving it then all the better.

  4. I love this. I think I might actually do this. And am sending on to my husband who has read this book and gotten away from morning pages, too.

  5. What a wonderful idea. My journal keeping has fallen to the wayside with my blogging. Blogging is about what is going on in my life, where my journal was about how I felt. I have to give it a try in the a.m.


  6. I, too, learned morning papers from Julia Cameron. I use it in much of the same way you do. The free form style works for me. I had a 50 page ghost writing project due yesterday so I feel like I'm just starting my January.

  7. Glenda I had forgotten about the Morning Pages! I read the Artists Way long ago. I think it would help me right now!

    2013 Artists Series

  8. I'm not really a morning person...but I am "sort of" journaling on my blog. Nothing scheduled though...I like January too. It's such a relief after the hustle and bustle of December. Like taking a huge deep breath and letting it out. Happy Sunday Glenda!

  9. Thats a good thing for you, Glenda!

  10. I'd love to say I could join you in this, but my mornings are fully taken with getting one kid to school, getting myself to school, teaching, etc. I do something similar sometimes--it's called Daily Writing Practice as suggested by Natalie Goldberg in "Writing Down the Bones." Love this idea!

  11. That sounds like such a great practice to have! Might have to give it a try! :)

  12. I love to write in the morning. Whether or not it's edited, it always comes from the heart.

  13. Lovely inspiration! Let's see what happens.

  14. Wonderful thoughts Glenda and great suggestions for starting the new year, thanks my friend!

  15. I had trouble with blogger the other day too! I love this idea...

  16. What a lovely idea! Some of my friends have done this too and LOVED it! Their thoughts came tumbling out in a way they couldn't have predicted, which they found helpful. I think I should give it a go - but when to fit it in?!!


  17. What a grand idea! It's something I would not have thought of by myself. That's what blogging friends are for :-). We are fine here, but things have been ridiculously busy. I hope to get a handle on the madness this week. Have a wonderful day, Glenda. Blessings...Mary

  18. Hmmmm....this idea of morning pages sounds really, really nice. I might just try it.

  19. Just started this morning! I love it!

  20. Glenda, you always have such great words of wisdom; I've not read Cameron's book in years and think it's time to get it out again. Memory is a poor servant but I'll try and join in.


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