Monday, March 11, 2013


speaking to 120 lovely young women
My weekend was busy. Sharing "how to have a quiet time" with the beautiful young women at our church was so fun. This was the last of our nine week series. 

I woke up, this Monday morning, with my mind full of wedding plans, the book of Nehemiah (studying for a retreat in April), and an urge to rearrange the living/dining room furniture. (making the space work better for enjoying some meals, playing games and watching movies with Christy, Jenny and Daniel and us.)

I lifted weights with Dave (a fun shared experience), ate breakfast (turkey bacon and egg on Ezekiel bread), had my quiet time in Acts 15 (one should practice what ones teaches), moved the furniture ... and was about to settle in for several hours of study.

When ... Christy invited me to go to Barnes and Noble with her to browse, read and drink coffee. She often knows just what I need, before I do. A wonderful, creative break after a busy weekend. Perfection.

ps. I looked at a wedding magazine with three goofy/dumb ideas. (no offense if you love the idea)  
          *pass out a feather to each wedding guest, a
            different color for each table, and guests will 
            "flock" to the correct table.

           *cut huge circles of colored paper and cover
             the wall behind your wedding cake.

            *make your own flower pots out of cement
              and plant a cactus for each guest. 

Sorry, Martha ... I usually love your ideas.

pss. If you would like to have my teaching on how to have a quiet time, e.mail me, I would be glad to send you my notes. (write "requesting notes" in the subject line, so I do not think you  are spam) 

Linking with the lovely Soli sisters, wondering how was your Monday?


  1. Glenda,
    What a packed weekend. And thanks for adding in the photo of you. I wish I could have been there to listen so I will ask for the notes on how to do - quiet time.
    Hopefully we will all be seeing photos of your new living room. And please do keep your reads up-to-date with wedding plans!

  2. Hmmm...interesting wedding ideas. Sounds like a varied and fun weekend!

  3. I'll be mailing later to ask for your notes....wish I could have heard it in person. I bet you were brilliant.
    Your weekend sounds so lovely. And how cute is that? Doing weights together?! You are fab!

  4. Ha ha, a feather for each guest. Oh, Martha. :)

  5. Are you sure you don't want to make cement flower pots for each guest? :-)

  6. Please do NOT give in to those ideas! :)

  7. Whew, I am worn out just reading all you have been doing! Praying you have a wonderful, as low-stress time as possible planning a beautiful wedding. Is Christy home for a long time this time? I am sure she misses all her friends from England. What culture shock to come back, especially to all the snow we have been having!

    We just finished a study of Nehemiah, so fantastic. Our missions conference this year is placing an emphasis on the internet. The possibilities are mind blowing!

    Have a wonderful week. Enjoy all these wedding days. Martha only has one daughter, AND a team of people making those cement pots for her!

  8. Birds of a feather ~ I cannot imagine! Talking time and browsing the book store with coffee in hand is one of my favourite things to do ~ sounds like a perfect time to me!

  9. love love ezekiel bread..don't eat it anymore though:)
    i would love to hear more about your daughters lifestyle of eating no wheat and sugar! i am so excited about how i feel and curious as to explore the cooking and baking.
    i don not .. however .. like all the dishes that i dirty while cooking more now;)but i am grateful to have dishes to cook in:)
    good to see you are busy and getting out and you friendxo

  10. You've been one busy lady! Interesting post!

  11. I shared the wedding ideas with the little girl in my home who is planning a wedding. It was a good laugh for her in the middle of writing lesson plans.

  12. Haha, Martha's team must seriously have to keep re-creating the wheel year after year so they don't publish the same advice twice! This was reaching for sure!
    Personally I've skipped the gym all week, gotta get back there!

  13. How wonderful that you could share your thoughts on "how to have a quiet time" - am sure it was an encouragement to all who were there. And what a perfect thing for your daughter to invite you to do after a full weekend. (BTW, when is the wedding?)

  14. I'm a week behind (story of my life) but I enjoyed reading this anyway. I'm with you...not sure about those wedding ideas!


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