Sunday, June 30, 2013

De-Cluttering (is fun)

Our apartment in the winter (top floor)
This winter and spring, has been a season of clutter for me:

               *my mind


               *my list

               *my house

My favorite shabby chic lamp.

It was all good clutter ... even fun clutter.

               *prepping for the 12 week
                 Biblical Womanhood study
                 at church

               *studying Nehemiah and preparing 
                 four talks for the women's retreat
                 with dear friends in Seattle

               *rearranging the guest room to 
                 welcome Christy back from 

              *the wedding ... to do list and piles
                of wedding stuff in closest and 
                various corners

Lots of baking
And now, I am enjoying a season to de.clutter. Room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer ... 

               *paring down



               *sharing with friends

               *even having a garage sale with
                 Christy and Jenny

Remembering the clutter when we moved

For years, I have organized my home based on the William Morris quote ~

          Keep nothing in your home  
       that you do not know to be
       useful or believe to be
As I de-clutter today ... that is my plumb line.

It helps, too, that I get a little high (like a runner's high)
when my home is all organized. De-cluttering is so much fun.

What are you up to these days?

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  1. I'm doing the same. Again! Wish we lived close enough to encourage each other over a cup of tea.

  2. When I do manage to declutter, a room (well, more likely a part of the room), a closet, a cupboard, etc., I am so happy that I just keep peeking in every time I pass the area.

    I'm on this journey with you as well.


  3. I like the quote about useful or beautiful and I aim to do some decluttering too.

  4. Glenda,

    I love to declutter....I do it at least once a year. There's something freeing about "thinning" out - it's like loosing weight from a materialism point.of.view!

    And may I add... love the home that you and Dave live in. Great windows!!

    1. Donna ~ the windows are super old and need to be replaced, but we get amazing light.

  5. I've always loved that quote, too. I love sitting in a room when I know hiding behind every closet and drawer organization has conquered. The last time I did my closet I just left the doors open just so I could smile when I walked past.

    I'm waiting for my parents to arrive to day for a 3-day visit. I also took an Editor's position for children's materials and am working on a 4-yr scope and sequence. That keeps me busy.

  6. Your house is so lovely! The front is beautiful.

    I am exactly the same getting a bit high on the lovely decluttering feeling. It does feel good - you're so right!


  7. Right along with you in trying to de-clutter! Trying to do that 12x12 challenge, 12 rooms or spaces in 12 months. I am the one you call if you are putting on a play or a musical production. I have everything, including a life-sized silhouette of Paul Revere... On the other hand, organizing is not really what I am known for. I am organized, just in a free-spirited way.

    Love your apartment, looks like it has loads of character. Enjoy your de-cluttering! And have a Happy 4th!

  8. Must be the season, Glenda. I'm counting CD's and books and wondering- 'do we REALLY need these? It's such a great feeling to get organized.

  9. What am I up to these days? Exactly what you are...blogging about de-cluttering :) I took a sabbatical from my other blog and have moved to :)

  10. I am working on my home office and trying to create a better writing space. I need help de-cluttering! I am going to use that quote. Thank you, Glenda!

  11. Just love that quote! We have moved several times in the last ten years, and each time we think we are done de-cluttering. We have found there is much peace in keeping the amount of "stuff" to a minimum in our house. We are preparing for yet another move, and are trimming down even more. It can be hard work, but the results are very much worth it.

  12. Great quote, Glenda! And have fun de-cluttering! I understand, as I love to de-clutter, as well.

  13. What a charming building you live in. I am constantly de-cluttering but never get ahead of the game. Do those old shoes and worn out lamps multiply in the back of my closets?

  14. I really like that quote! Now if I can just make it happen!
    We live in an old three-floor+basement house, and I have a tendency to just move things from one floor to another! Have fun de-cluttering!

  15. I make myself go through books, magazines and clothes once a year and I really do weed out. It is difficult though, because I am by instinct a packrat. Have a grand holiday, Glenda. Blessings...Mary

  16. de-cluttering, throwing away, giving away, selling and deciding how much to keep. it's a huge job and I'd rather someone else do it! -grin-

  17. I go through phases where I get rid of stuff to make room for more stuff! Seriously, purging is good for the soul. Well done!

  18. I love decluttering and have
    been at it a bit myself, this
    summer, between visitors and
    wearing my chauffeur's cap : )

    There is nothing like a move for
    a really deep purge, but as that
    is not on the horizon, I thank you
    for the inspiration to keep plugging
    away at it!

    xo Suzanne


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