Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Things That Inspire Me To Cook ... When I Do Not Feel Like It (part two)

Okay, so I am not the only one that has not been inspired to cook lately. I have been hearing from lots of you. 

My first tip for inspiration, was to watch some foodie movies. Did you watch any of my favorites?

My second tip, before you start shopping and chopping ... read some foodie books. Here are two that I recently finished and just loved.

Christy  introduced me to graphic novels and this is the first one I read. (think cartoons) Relish is a food-themed memoir ... that makes you want to fix some great food for your family.

Lucy grew up in a home that loved food. Her mom was a chef and a caterer. So she wraps the stories of her life around what she was eating. Fun. 

There is also a page of her favorite foodie spots in Chicago ... a few are right in my neighborhood.

This is another book that Christy shared with me, after she attended the book launch. I loved this book, both the stories and the recipes.

Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist, inspired me to make my own salad dressings. I have several cute jars on my counter for this purpose. Homemade dressings are so fresh and delicious and not full of sugar. Perfect.

Reading Bread and Wine makes me want to cook and to invite friends to share a meal around our table. 

I made Shauna's lasagna recipe and can't wait to try the bacon wrapped dates. 

Do you have any favorite foodie books?


  1. I'm almost finished Bread and Wine- loving it!

  2. I am reading Shauna's book right now, and I am LOVING it. :)

  3. Loved Bread and Wine! Her cassoulet is amazing and so easy!

  4. Hello Glenda! Great little series you started here on what helps you get back in the kitchen....but I have to chuckle at the thought of reading books and watching movies to move toward cooking...for me that would be like getting in the water one toe at time....I might never get wet! But the books do look like fun.

    One thing that generally helps me is to do a little prep or lay out something before the late afternoon blahs can strike. I also find making soups every week full of home grown veggies is a good back-up. Being that restaurants can't be as careful about the source of all their produce and meat, eating out is not an option I can depend knowing that is a constant push and sometimes i need quite a push!

    Another thing that helps me is to proclaim simple as good. Sometimes very simple meals can really pop when you have fresh condiments such as cilantro, basil, lemon thyme, lemon slices, tiny green onions, grated fresh hard cheeses, sour cream or virgin olive oil to add to taste. And of course the best condiment, as I know that you know, is gratitude.
    As always, lovely to visit you!

  5. I'm back and just catching up. Making notes on these two book suggestions. What did I bring back from vacation? A new cookbook!!


  6. Thank you for inspiring me to think more consciously about food. It's such an important part of every day and it gets so easily overlooked and minimized.

  7. This is a problem I struggle with constantly. I like your suggestions and will try them. Hopefully it will change my lack of interest in cooking (I would rather paint!)

  8. Glenda, since my daughter was a Culinary Arts major and is now a chef we've been reading food books for many years. My sister, via her book club, originally introduced me to Ruth Reichl (then) editor of Gourmet magazine (no longer published). She's written 3 food books which include recipes but include a lot about life in general. For a foodie and a writer her books were perfect. My favorite is 'Comfort me with Apples.'

    Thanks for the heads up on these many good books out there!

    1. Jody ... I will look for that series from the library. Sounds fun.


  9. I have Bread and Wine sitting beside me but I haven't had a chance to read it. Relish looks interesting so it goes on my "wish" list. Have you read "Under the Tuscan Sky?"

  10. Hi Glenda, as you probably can surmise, I don't need much motivation to get me into the kitchen, for me it's the opposite, I have to get out of the kitchen so I can get my other work done :). These books sound fun though!

  11. The Bread and Wine book sounds interesting. I think about making my own dressings but have yet to do it. You have inspired me =)

  12. Glenda, did you know Patton enjoyed reading cookbooks for pleasure and entertainment? I do too and some of my favorites are any of Ina Garten, all of my "monk" cookbooks, making gifts in the kitchen cookbooks...think that's about all. Oh, I do like Pioneer Woman, Gladys Tabor and The Silver Palette cookbooks are still favorites.
    Tonight I'm cooking quiche lorraine for a friend.

  13. I do not but I should check some out and find a favorite! My daughter in law is a Pampered Chef consultant and she helps inspire me. She's always trying new recipes, so I sometimes jump on the bandwagon. :)

    Happy weekend!

  14. These books sound good, and we like Jamie Oliver. He uses straight forward simple ingredients.


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