Monday, October 28, 2013

Standin' in the Need of Prayer (or The Holy Spirit and The English Channel)

Yesterday, I received a facebook post from our friend, Joy, in England.

"The big storm is a-brewing and my husband and my friends need to get the ferry across the Irish Sea at 9:15 pm. Could you whisper a prayer for them?"

I love the quickness that a prayer need can go around the world via social media. As a giant storm was over the UK, friends were praying. (They are all now safely home.)

After I prayed for God's protection on their ferry crossing the Irish sea, I remembered our families frightening ferry crossing over the English Channel. It was long before you could alert your friends over the internet to ... please pray

Two of the things that I fear are

     *being stuck in a tent during a
      massive thunderstorm (Oh, the stories
         I could tell.) 

     *being stuck on a large body of
      water during a massive thunderstorm 

It was one of our earlier summers on Royal Servants. We were tent camping with a bunch of American high school students (that we were discipling) in Canterbury, England.

We had set up camp for the night, served dinner and were about to settle in for a good nights sleep (nothing like the fresh air of tent camping), when the camp owners came to warn us that a huge storm was barreling our way.

We decided to get the students up, tear down camp and load our coach. We would head to the ferry to cross the English Channel and then drive the rest of the night to Germany. (We figured we would be safer in our coach and our tents would not be torn apart in the wind.) 

I think we made the right choice. It was a massive storm that even caused several deaths on the continent.

Personally, I was feeling rather happy about not enduring a long night in a tent during a thunderstorm. As we were driving away from our campground, it suddenly occurred to me (duh!) ... the same storm would be over the English Channel. 

What is a mom to do as she carries her sleeping kids onto the ferry? I had no choice but to get on board while praying like crazy for spiritual, physical and emotional protection.

It was one of the smoothest ferry crossings I had ever experienced. But, I did not know why until we got home in the fall and I had lunch with my good friend, Kae.

After we had caught up on our summers (hers in Spokane and mine in Europe), Kae took a piece of paper out of her purse, as she told me this story ...

"I had an unusual experience this summer... it was  a strong prompting from the Holy Spirit to pray for you, Dave, Christy, Jenny and your team. I knew I was to pray for your safety. It lasted about 2 hours.  I wrote the date and time down, and I was wondering if you could figure out what was going on at that exact time?"

I pulled out my journal and we figured out the time change between Spokane and England.

You have already guessed where this is going ... yes, the time she was praying for our families safety was the exact time the P&O ferry was taking our team from Dover, England to Calais, France.

I thanked God for his prompting for Kae to pray. And, I thanked Kae for following through so quickly and so faithfully. (made me glad I had brought her a fun present from Europe.)

My sister, Sue, and I were talking over the weekend, about how both of us are working on listening to the Holy Spirit promptings and obeying quickly.

     *drop a sick friend a card

     *invite a lonely friend to lunch

     *send cash to fill a need

     *offer to babysit your neighbor's
      kids, so they can go on a date

     *pray for the Childers family as they
      cross the English Channel in a massive
      storm (thanks, Kae) 

What is the Holy Spirit prompting you to do? Are you listening? Are you following through?

If you do, you will be a huge blessing to others and you will find much joy. I would love to hear some of your stories.
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  1. I had a similar experience when I was 21 and heading to a nanny job in Europe. My aunt awoke in the middle of the night in Texas with a burden to pray for me, unaware that I was, at that time, making a poorly-timed, poorly-executed, and very panicky (my first international trip) plane connection in Paris. Thanks to the kindness of an older French gentleman who saw me holding back tears on the airport bus, I finally reached the right gate and made my connection with just minutes to spare (though my luggage did not, but that's another story!). My aunt and I didn't connect the dots about the timing until much later.

  2. Proof that prayers are answered...

  3. I agree with Becky. I can name a few occasions when I knew prayers were being answered.


  4. I am working hard at being faithful to respond to those nudges. I do, I am also trying hard to verbalize what's going on in my head and heart for my 3rd grade sons. After all, if I want them to learn that "Mom obeys God" then I need to model it, right? Talking it through makes the process more understandable and recognizable for little boys. They're starting to pick up on it: "Mom? I keep thinking about _______. Should we pray for her?"

  5. Oh boy. The Spirit has definitely been nudging in the past year regarding certain students of mine. (I think you know about one story.) This year I have a student who is just "lost" on campus. She's from a big city and just doesn't feel like she fits in on our Christian college campus. She came to see me last week and talked for about 45 minutes, and sometime in the middle of that God asked me to ask her how things were going with Him. (That's not usually my nature, by the way.) I asked, and she really opened up. I ended up asking her to come to the Bible study we have for college student in our home every week. She's coming tomorrow for the first time. Prayers for E would be great!

  6. Thanks for the reminder that the Holy Spirit urges us to pray...I do appreciate getting text requests from my friends so I can pray on the spot...but the Spirit does prompt me to pray and I am glad to read this story to strengthen my faith! Visiting from SDG Party :)

  7. Such an inspirational post Glenda, thank you for sharing this. God is truly amazing if we just take the time to listen.

  8. Glenda, I love a great God story, and this one is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  9. Glenda, what a great story and a reminder to be a part of what God is doing. I have missed several recent promptings and thereby opportunities to serve others lately!! So glad your friend Kae didn't miss the opportunity to pray. It reminds me that I want to be a part again of serving Him!

  10. Thanks, Glenda, for sharing this story - I loved hearing an example of how God prompts us to pray, and I also loved hearing a story from your days overseas, including camping with high school students!

  11. There have been times when I have literally felt the cool! I love your story. What a blessing indeed to have your friend listen and pray. I love when I obey the promptings...there IS always joy and something wonderful when I do. Thank you for making me ponder this a bit more on listening for the Holy Spirit.

  12. Such beautiful ways to shelter. Just this morning I prayed God would lead me to the one that needs shelter today. I so often fail to slow down and listen to the Holy Spirit's promptings. So thankful your friend, Kae, was still enough and obedient to the heart tug of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever thought of writing your experiences in a book?

  13. Hi there new friend! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi to me:) I am not fond of being out in the water! I went on a cruise several years ago and couldn't wait to get back on dry land! I am listening to the spirit each day! Sometimes I have to listen EXTRA hard:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  14. I love stories like this -- how He connects people without social media and email, but just by using His voice through the Holy Spirit.

  15. Love this. It is so true and has been true in my life on so many occasions. Grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Fascinating story, Glenda!

    Do you have relatives in western North Carolina? We live in a town that has many Childers.

    1. No, Carol. Most of our relatives originate from IL.

  17. What a beautiful story, Glenda - thanks for sharing it here. (I also went to college with a couple of Childers' siblings - from Los Angeles.)

  18. This story gives me chills! Love your posts, they make me smile- thank you!

  19. Oh, media DOES have some redeeming value! And answered prayers...what blessings! Love this post!!

  20. I love that story, Glenda...what lovely friends you have!

    The storm where we live in Oxfordshire was really only a lot of rain and a strong wind, nothing compared to what you have to endure over there!


  21. Hi Glenda! This is such a wonderful story. I love how God calls us, and if we listen, like your friend did, miracles happen! He is the God of the earth and the sea, and how blessed are we that he listens to our prayers.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  22. I love the way the Holy Spirit nudges us to pray - at just the right time! This has happened to us. We've been the ones praying and we've been the ones prayed for. He is so faithful!

  23. Thank you for this lovely post dear friend! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and your inspiring beautiful desires. It does buoy us all up to hear of miracles and God's hand in all things in our lives.

  24. Thank you for this lovely post dear friend! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and your inspiring beautiful desires. It does buoy us all up to hear of miracles and God's hand in all things in our lives.

  25. This is a great post prompting me to listen to the Holy Spirit and to reach out and pray and help people more. The prayers of the faithful are powerful and our God is mighty to save, as he helped you and the other family cross the Channel on separate journeys.

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