Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Art Journaling And A Fun Gift Idea For Kids

Are you staring to think about Christmas gifts? (I am) 

Art journal experiments

When my brother, Tim, was little, I gave him the same gift every year for his birthday. He loved it and all of his little buddies wanted one, too.

It was simple. I got a white box and labelled it Tim's Project Box, and filled it with all sorts of paper and art supplies. It provided Tim with hours and hours of fun and creativity.

Target has a fantastic line of art supplies for kids called Kid Made Modern. They are designed by Todd Oldman who said ... "A well-stocked craft supply kit is a treasure. Think of it as a giant box of possibilities."

You should see the paint set with several shades of each color. And I love the markers and colored duct tape. So very fun. 

Recently I made Glenda's Project Box, as I am taking Brene Brown's e.course and experimenting with art journalling. I love the Kid Made Modern series.

So ... this idea makes a great present for a kid and for yourself.

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? Does it stress you out

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  1. No Christmas shopping yet--doesn't stress me out 'cause we've scaled down so. Funny you should write about this 'cause 30 minutes I go I was thinking, "Hey, I'm gonna send one of my grandboys some glitter and markers and 'stuff' for 'making' (as he calls it). Target is a great source--thank you so much. (they should pay you, you talk about them often :-).

  2. Such a fun gift idea (that will provide for many hours of creativity) - and enjoy your class with art journaling!!

  3. What a wonderful idea and a beautiful gift for kids on their birthday. Surely they will love it.

  4. My children always loved their art kits. I need to make a Target run soon and plan to check out the art area for myself. Yes, most gifts are purchased (through the year) but I leave a few for the last minute hustle and bustle.


  5. No Christmas shopping for me. It's all about gifts of money given to each person in our immediate family...spending money for the holidays. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more appreciated than any gift I could select for them. If Kim decides that the Target Kid Does Modern by Todd is just what Landon needs, it's done!

  6. When my children were young, they took an art box as a present to each friend. My husband would personalize them with their name. The kids couldn't wait to get their own box. As they aged, we based their box on their interests. One learned to crochet and their box was tailored to that. My granddaughter asks for a "refill" each birthday. I'm already collecting tea-related items for a Tea Party Art Box in March. I'll have to try out Target's line. (And maybe buy something for me!)

  7. Glenda! This is perfect for my daughter! And just this morning, my mother in law asked me for birthday ideas for her. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  8. I love journaling of all kind! Yay!

  9. Love this idea Glenda and thanks for the tip about the Target art supplies, my girlies would love this!

  10. What a great idea. I love it. Thanks for the inspiration. And, yes, Christmas shopping stresses me out :)

  11. Thank you for telling us about Target's art supplies. I have a couple of grandkids who would love to have sets of things for craft and artwork. I'm headed to Target soon.

  12. I'm almost finished but what I did this year was make gift baskets for family. The baskets are filled with home made food, small store bought goodies and a card that says a donation was made to Gideons International in their name.

  13. Sweet! I especially have
    fun with rubber stamps. Am
    off to Tarjay this afternoon,
    so I'll take a peek.....I have
    young nieces and nephews
    to buy for and this might be
    a great group gift to go along
    with the books I always buy
    them : )

    Happy Thanksgiving, sweet G!

    xo Suzanne

  14. As an art journal your ideas are very good and attractive definitely kids never had an idea to hate these kind of gift.

    Concept4u Online Gifts for Kids


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