Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Ways To Make Space For The Upcoming Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Can you believe it? I have been feeling the tug to do a little preparation, but have not quite been ready. 

So, here are two things that I decided to do first, to clear up some space in my home ... and my head.

1.  Clean off my desk and other spots that I pile paper

Flat Stanley helps Aunt Glenda get organized.  Thanks, Violet.

I am wading through the piles of paper and mini-projects that have accumulated. You know ...

     *send Flat Stanley on to Aunt Sue

     *schedule my final little oral surgery

     *enter a pile of new phone numbers into my
       new iPhone (which I am loving)

       *deal with some insurance nonsense


Starting with a clean desk will be wonderful.

2. Deep clean my house.

Still enjoying the beautiful colors of fall.

Dave was in Michigan yesterday, so I listened to Christmas music all day and did a deep clean of my house. Besides the normal jobs, I 

     *carried a bunch of things downstairs to

     *cleaned my pantry

     *organized my dresser

     *put away my patio furniture (we got our first
          snow two days ago ... sadly, it was time)

Taking care of a few extra things makes me feel ready to tackle some initial planning.  (all those hours of Christmas music did not hurt either)

How about you ... done any planning for the holidays?



  1. Whew! I deep cleaned the house, washed windows, etc. It's a great feeling to have it done before the holidays, right Glenda?

  2. Hi Glenda!
    As I'll be traveling for work over Thanksgiving, I decided to go full fledge into putting up my Christmas decorations! Also, I just finished up filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
    For me and my house… Christmas is here!
    Sending you a hug from Boston -Donna
    PS No deep cleaning though...

  3. Thanks for getting my mindset right Glenda! I have been thinking about a lot of these things but haven't put them into action yet. I guess it's time!

  4. SO not ready for the holidays. I have been thinking, though, and one thing I really need to do before daughter #1 gets home is clean the basement. It's out of control!

  5. I am doing the same thing this morning! Going through a pile of paper & trying to get a few projects done. :) I just need to turn on some good music!

  6. Well, yes, planning is well underway. But, first, I must finish my sewing projects (almost there) and change the lanai from my sewing studio back to our dining room. Brother Virg is coming for Thanksgiving and I want everything to be spic and span...yard work is underway, thanks to Mr. J., I've planted Paper White bulbs, and am busy thinking of ways to design Christmas in a new way this year...starting with a palm those in Bethlehem :)

  7. With the gift of time I've just been given I think I'm going to do much of the same--starting with piles of paper and 'insurance nonsense.' That kept me occupied most of this morning.
    I the time to de clutter is giving me the space in my brain for the next season. God is wonderful like that.

  8. Planning to do some of that this weekend. On the agenda: file a mountain of paperwork, put some things in the attic and clean out the pantry so I can actually walk into it. I actually find organizing things therapeutic.

  9. My first task was to sweetly ask The Man to retrieve the holiday decorations from our storage unit two hours away while he was there since I have not been anywhere near there recently or with plans to there in the near future. When he only brought two small boxes, my second task became asking him ever so sweetly to check one more time this weekend and bring the rest. :) Next week, we'll decorate, fingers crossed. I realize I love having it all done just before Thanksgiving so we can just enjoy it stress free.

  10. Hi Glenda! Schedule a little oral surgery??? I am sorry you have to do that :(

    I have to clean like crazy too, because I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. My daughter is having a C-section 12/18, so we'll have Christmas out of state with her. It will be the first time I'll be away, but for a good reason!
    Have a good weekend!

  11. I have done no planning and my porch furniture is still out. It's one of those things that I think about but am very good at putting off. I do need to take care of it though. You've inspired me. Maybe this weekend!

  12. With my shopping near done and lists made for pretty much everything I am ready for the deep clean ~ which I should be doing right now but I am not. I have been creative lately so that is also taking some of my time but it will all get done and it will be wonderful when it is. Love Flat Stanley!

  13. Glenda, hard to believe the holidays are here again. I'm de-cluttering, cleaning, giving/selling/keeping things but it's in prep for, hopefully, selling and moving in the spring. I think the holidays are going to be quiet this year and that's fine with me.

  14. My sweetheart is away for a few days, too, so I'm deep cleaning before the holidays. And making plans for the weeks ahead.

  15. I go a little crazy with too much clutter -- even if it's decorated clutter. So I remove all my "normal" decorations from each room before I decorate. I cut back this year and I'm happy with the Christmas dress-up. This year I have had a love affair with timer candles. They come on at 6 and turn off at 12 and look so festive. I love the flickering ones that look so real.


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