Thursday, December 12, 2013

Italy, I Mean, EATALY Comes To Chicago

Last week, Dave and I had a fun overnight in downtown Chicago and stumbled upon the biggest thing in town ... the opening of Eataly, a 63,000 square foot Italian market.

Eataly's bakery
It was so beautiful but crowded and overwhelming, that I came back early the next morning to take photos. I think half the population of Chicago was there.

Eataly's cheese section

Fortunately, there is a two page guide to help you find your way around the different shops and restaurants.

Mario Bitali and Lidia Bastianich, two of the backers said, "the ultimate goal of Eataly is to encourage the home cook to assemble Italian meals at home."

I do not think that this is what they had in mind, but I brought home Lidia's tomato basil sauce and Mario's Alla Vodka pasta sauce, along with a delicious rustic loaf of bread.

There was so much to choose from, but I stuck to the basics  for this first visit, plus two treats for Christmas Eve.

As you can see, things are delicious but a little pricey.

I really wanted to try their coffee shop, nutella bar, pizza restaurant, panini bar, fresh mozzarella bar ...
but I have to save something for next time.

I intentionally carried their shopping bag home on the el (rather than putting it in my suitcase), and told Dave to watch how many people noticed. Yup, people were pointing at me, I mean my cool Eataly bag.

PS. Chicagoland gave such a great welcome to Eataly that by the end of the first week they had to close their doors for a day of restocking and giving their 500 employees a chance to breathe.


  1. oh i would LOVE to go there! how fantastic...a nutella bar? i can feel the
    you are enjoying chicago and getting out and about so much more than last have grown;))...xo

  2.! I REALLY need to visit Chicago soon! Sounds delicious!

  3. Oh boy! I can't wait to get there. Think I'll wait until a little of the newness wears off first.


  4. Wow... 63,000 sq ft to choose from. The two page guide surely would come handy. I always liked Italian food.
    Like the way they have displayed their cheese.

  5. Now I know where we'll meet next time I'm in Chicago, Glenda! I love Eatally! We visited when we were in NYC last Fall and it was amazing.

  6. Oh what foodie bliss, lead me to the cheese section and olive bar. 500 employees is super, to think of that many people working there.

  7. WOW! What a treat! So happy you were able to experience all the glory (♥) and carry your awesome bag home. So fun.

  8. Thank You!! I saw a segment on Windy City Live about this and I am just jumping to go...even more now!! After the holidays. I just love Mario Batali and The Chew. It's the only time I sit down all day to watch TV!


  9. This sounds like something one should truly see! I've never been to Chicago.

  10. wow! Glenda, that's a huge store and a lot of employees; sounds like it's going to go great guns in the Windy City.

  11. I rarely fall victim to envy, but you have done it my dear friend. I am officially jealous! What an adventure this must have been. I hope your holiday plans are proceeding a pace. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Looks so good. I so want to go back to the windy city.

  13. That tomato basil sauce was super awesome.

  14. Can't wait to explore it with you!

  15. a nutella bar???
    oh my goodness….
    what fun to get away with your husband….
    Andy and I have a night planned this week…looking forward to it!


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