Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am sure that you have heard of "runner's high." (I personally have never experienced it.) I often, though, get a creative high. I actually feel a distinct lift in my spirit when the creative bug bites me.

When I rearrange my living room furniture - creative high. When I am preparing a talk and just the right words come to me - creative high. When I fix a delicious and pretty lunch for friends - creative high. I am an an idea person, so my style of creativity often comes (in the middle of the night) as a new creative idea.

During college, I was introduced to Hidden Art, which profoundly influenced me. Edith Schaeffer introduced 
me to this amazing truth about creativity.

  • We are all made in God's image.

    God is a creating/creative God.

    Therefore, we are creative.      
All these many years later, I still honor and enjoy this mark of God's image in me - creativity. 

 How do you express your creativity? 

(* Reworked from a former post. The beautiful journal pages and collages express our daughter, Jenny's creativity.)


Monday, January 21, 2013

Need a lift? need some fun? ... borrow some kids

Whenever Dave and I need a little lift, a little extra fun, a little just about anything, we invite Devin and Cole over. We have them one Sunday a month and if our schedules allow, they come early and stay all night ... double the fun.

Both of our girls have been their nannies at different times, so we have known them since they were little. And we have loved them for a long time.

This picture is from our day together in December.

They are always good for whatever ails these two sixty year olds

Need to invite some charming kids over

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter in Chicago

Our first winter in Chicago (2011) we had 27" of snow in one day. To me, it feels like that is about the last real snow we have seen.

This year, and I am writing this on January 16, the only real winter/snow is on my fireplace mantel.

Has winter arrived at your house?

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Monday, January 14, 2013

My top ten ways to make sisterhood friends

My dear friend, Anne

Today, Jen and the Soli Sisters (my nickname for the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood) are writing about a favorite topic of mine ... the sisterhood.

In the sister/friend department I am ridiculously spoiled with ~

          *two wonderful sisters
          *six adorable
          *two lovely daughters
          *many sweet friends around the world
          *and, most recently, great blogging friends.

This year, instead of Christmas cards, I found a cute, feminine, winter card that I am sending this month to my closest friends in each city where I have lived. (I only have 30 cards, so apologies to my friends that would have been 31, 32, 33 ...)

But, I often hear from women that they are lonely and lacking deep and meaningful friendships. So, with 60 years experience of making friends, I offer you my top ten ways to make sisterhood friends.

Ten: Pray for God to provide the friend(s) you need and then keep your eyes open. I do this each time we have moved.

Nine: Be friendly. I am an introvert so will never be the cute, funny, upfront belle of the party with a crowd around her. 

I will be the quiet in the back of the room person, who is smiling and with an open spirit, introducing myself to a few people.

I have many friends, because I take the initiative to be warm and friendly.

Eight: Be yourself. If I am comfortable with myself, it is easier for women to want to be my friend. No games, no pretend ... just me.

Seven: Take the initiative and invite someone you just met (and like) out for coffee. This provides extended time to get to know each other and, if it is awkward, you can keep it short.

Six: If that goes well, invite them to your home for lunch. I feel I know a person more, once I have seen their home. (their decorating style, their books, etc.)

Five: Do not prejudge a person, deciding they would not make a good friend. (too tall/too short, too conservative/too liberal, too put together/too messy, too wild/too boring etc.) I have become close friends with women that are very different than me.

Kate, (who drew my blog header) and I call our friendship, "the mismatch made in heaven." She is tall, skinny, loves clothes, sparkly things and animal prints, is an extrovert and the list of ways we are different, goes on and on. I am none of these, yet we are the dearest of friends.

Four: Do not give up easily ... sometimes you have to just gently barge in. For various (usually painful) reasons, some women are rather shut down when it comes to making friends. Be gentle and keep pursuing them. Some of my closest friends, have come this way. 

Three: I believe you can never have too many friends. Of course, you will not be intimate friends with everyone. But I really believe, every woman you meet, has something that only she can offer you. I have learned a lot and cherished some friends that I have only been with once.

I have saved my favorite two ways to make sisterhood friends ... for last.

Two: Take every chance you have to pray with women. Prayer is such a personal thing and leads to deep friendships.

When our kids were little, I prayed once a week with Dana and Kae (while our kids played together.) We met in each others homes and also enjoyed lunch together. Three years of praying together creates a true friendship.

I pray with women at church, in my home, on facebook, on the phone ... any chance I get. 

One: My #1 way that I have made close, deep and longlasting friendships is to ... do ministry together. 

I have planned retreats, started MOPS groups, lead Bible studies and done so many other creative things in ministry with beautiful women who became ... my friends ... my sisterhood!

Do you have good friends?        

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morning Pages

January is a fun month for me. I love the feel of

a new year

a new month

a new day.

A beautiful fresh start
January is a good time to reflect:
What areas of my life are going well?
What areas could use a tweek?
Are there things, I used to do, that I would 
like to bring back?
A beautiful time to make changes.
As I was processing and praying in the middle of the night (sleep is not always my best thing), I realized I was missing an old habit of mine. It is time to bring back morning pages.
I first read about morning pages in the book The Artist's Way Julia Cameron suggests beginning each day by writing three pages in your journal.  Free form style ~ no agenda, no need to correct mistakes, just write.
Morning pages for me are part journaling, part processing and part prayer. What I am thinking and feeling tends to surface. And I often sense God's direction as I write.

I am already loving it. Do you want to join me?

ps. Blogger is being a pill today and not letting me control the spacing. Silly.



Monday, January 7, 2013

100 Pound Loser ... new by my blogging friend, Jessica Heights

One of the best things about my last three years of blogging is the wonderful friends that I have made. One of the lovely ladies I have enjoyed meeting is Jessica Heights of Muthering Heights and other senseless sensibilitites.

What a perfect time of the year to read Jessica's new book 100 Pound Loser: How I Ate What I Wanted, Had Four Babies and Finally Took Control of My Weight - And You Can, Too!

This delivers material in the three ways I learn the best:

*Jessica tells her story. When I hear a story of how a woman handles life with God's help ... I want to do that, too.

*Jessica tells the truth with humor ... my best way to hear truth.

*Jessica is practical ... the only way I learn. 

Thanks, Jessica, for writing a great book that I can recommend to my readers. 

ps. Jessica sent me her book to review. How fun to read a book about someone who lost 100 pounds and kept it off. The review is all mine.   

Linking to more wonderful blogging friends.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can you pop over for a scone and a cup of tea?

This has been a busy week.

I enjoyed taking the Christmas decorations down and the fun of my January rearrange of the furniture. It is adorable in our vintage Chicago apartment right now.

We got Christy off to England and Jenny is back in her home ... after some wonderful family times together. (The house is quieter and cleaner.) And Dave is back to work and busy after two weeks vacation.

Later this morning, we are beginning a nine week Bible study at church, that I have been heading up. Our on.line registration last Sunday was 75 people. As of just a few minutes ago ... we are at 185. YIKES. 

And I am second guessing myself ... did I plan enough food? Rumor has it that another 20 can show up that did not register. 

I do not want to run out of these ...

These are delicious with apricots, but when I am making them for a crowd, I use dried cranberries ... no chopping.

And I am glad to be done with this ...

I am pretty sure there will not be a crumb left today, but stop by sometime and I will whip up a batch.

This is not the first time these delicious scones have been mentioned in my blog. Funeral Potatoes and White Chocolate Apricot Scones would make it into my top five favorite posts. You will find the recipe here.

Quote of the day:
me: (to my husband who really hates a messy kitchen) Babe, I am about to begin the 200 scones. I thought I should warn you that it is going to get messy in here.

Dave: As long as you bake 202 scones,  I will be okay.

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