Monday, April 8, 2013

Our favorite new game

Life is a little crazy at our house right now ... wedding planning on a budget, speaking engagements, travel, company, my crown falling out while I was flossing, etc. 
So ... we have been taking time out, here and there to play a new game, Dominion. Christy played it with her teammates in England and over Easter weekend, she introduced it to us.

It is one of my happiest moments right now ... Christy, Jenny, Daniel, Dave and I ... around our dining room table, playing Dominion. 

I am sure our downstairs neighbors are wondering why there is suddenly so much laughter coming from our apartment.

Laughter is a very good thing.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party Strikes Again

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

How time flies when you are having fun blogging! This is my third annual post for the lovely Ultimate Blog Party. 

My name is Glenda. Usually I would offer you tea and my famous White Chocolate Apricot Scones ... but I am busy making piles of them for our daughter's wedding. 

Welcome to Gg, a practical blog with stories, pictures, lessons and recipes from my life as a Christian woman.  

I have the most thoughtful, sweet and smart readers. You are so welcome to join us ... anytime.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Remembering Edith Schaeffer ... one of my spiritual mentors

During my college years, I had a part time job working for the art department. All that money went straight to my school bill. 

But, on Saturday mornings, I got up super early, (while my friends all slept) and went and cleaned a house. Every Saturday ...  for four years.  Why? So I could have money to buy fun books and an occasional piece of pie

My wage for that early Saturday morning hard work was $1.50 an hour. But paperbacks were 95 cents and about 3 bucks for a hard bound.


Hidden Art by Edith Schaeffer was one of my early buys and I have read it and several of Edith's books many times over the years. She became a mentor, really a friend to me.

So Saturday morning, when I heard that Edith Schaeffer had died, I shed a few tears.  And, I thought back on just some of the lessons she taught me:

*God is creative, so I should celebrate creativity.

*Hospitality matters ... even when making a food tray to share with a hobo.

*When you bring a few special things from home with you when you travel, you can feel at home anywhere.

*You can support your husband in ministry, by using your unique gifts.

*Books and music make life more fun.

*It is never a waste of time or energy to serve people.

In Edith's own words:

"A Christian, above all people, should live artistically, aesthetically, and creatively. We are supposed to be representing the Creator who is there, and whom we acknowledge to be there. It is true that all people are created in the image of God, but Christians are supposed to be conscious of that fact, and being conscious of it should recognize the importance of living artistically, aesthetically, and creatively, as creative creatures of the Creator. If we have been created in the image of an Artist, then we should look for expressions of artistry, and be sensitive to beauty, responsive to what has been created for our appreciation."

A few years ago, our daughter, Christy wrote a letter to Edith, thanking her for her influence. She received a beautiful handwritten letter in return. What a lovely lady.

Thanks, Edith Schaeffer, for a life well lived.

*Linking with Jen and the lovely Soli Sisters.

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