Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Dress Code

It is summertime in Chicago. 

As I have been taking my morning walks in our hipster neighborhood, I have been watching the crowds on the way to the el.

Have you ever wondered what hipsters wear in the summer?


*skinny knee length shorts and a tee

*skinny jeans rolled up and a dress shirt


*super cute skirts and a tee

*super cute dresses and sandles

What do you wear in the summertime?

ps. The wedding is in five days. :)     

Monday, May 13, 2013

The countdown

The countdown is on ... only 12 days until Jenny and Daniel's wedding.

My to.do list is long.
My calendar is full. 

My heart ... is looking forward to welcoming Daniel into our family.

At the top of the John Hancock Center the night of their engagement.

Linking with the Soli Sisters, who I trust will be praying with me during this countdown. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

7 ways to spoil your retreat speaker

It seems to be women's retreat season. While I was speaking at our home church in Seattle, my sis.in.law was also speaking at her church in Spokane. And I keep seeing fun retreat pictures from other churches on facebook.

I have always loved women's retreats. (not all of my friends do)  Much of my winter was spent with my nose in the book of Nehemiah, preparing four messages. If you have not read Nehemiah lately, it is a treasure.

As I have been processing our wonderful time together, this post has been milling in my head ...

7 ways to spoil your retreat speaker.

1. Choose a retreat chairman who is fun, flexible, godly, organized and knows how to listen to the Holy Spirit. Thanks, Shannon.

2. Choose a retreat team that loves to provide an atmosphere of love for the women from the moment they arrive until they leave. Beautiful decorations, surprises in the rooms, a delightful bar filled with candy etc. ... and super sweet spirits to boot. Thanks, Ludmilla, Tina, Kathy, Dana and Victoria.

3. Choose a worship team leader that knows how to listen to the Holy Spirit and prepare the women to hear from You. Thanks, Heidi.

4. Surround the worship leader with delightful musicians. Thanks, Emily, Liz, Megan, Hannah and Cheryl.

5. Recruit a team of women that pray for your retreat speaker all year. Thanks, Becky R., Carol, Kathy, Becky M., Sandy, Jennifer and Nancy. 

6. Give your speaker a beautiful suite, with a room to meet with women, and a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom. (really!) 

7. Fill the room with beautiful tulips and a big gift basket filled with your speakers favorite things. Thanks, Victoria, for being a blog reader who knows what I love. Read this post to see why Victoria created a beautiful pillow case for me. 
Thank you, too, to my many blogging friends that were praying for me as I prepared and spoke. You guys are the best.

ps. Another bonus of my trip was that I got to have coffee and a long chat (not long enough though) with the lovely, Jody Collins of Three Way Light.


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