Sunday, June 30, 2013

De-Cluttering (is fun)

Our apartment in the winter (top floor)
This winter and spring, has been a season of clutter for me:

               *my mind


               *my list

               *my house

My favorite shabby chic lamp.

It was all good clutter ... even fun clutter.

               *prepping for the 12 week
                 Biblical Womanhood study
                 at church

               *studying Nehemiah and preparing 
                 four talks for the women's retreat
                 with dear friends in Seattle

               *rearranging the guest room to 
                 welcome Christy back from 

              *the wedding ... to do list and piles
                of wedding stuff in closest and 
                various corners

Lots of baking
And now, I am enjoying a season to de.clutter. Room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer ... 

               *paring down



               *sharing with friends

               *even having a garage sale with
                 Christy and Jenny

Remembering the clutter when we moved

For years, I have organized my home based on the William Morris quote ~

          Keep nothing in your home  
       that you do not know to be
       useful or believe to be
As I de-clutter today ... that is my plumb line.

It helps, too, that I get a little high (like a runner's high)
when my home is all organized. De-cluttering is so much fun.

What are you up to these days?

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Viewing (at a living room near you)

Our family enjoys television, movies and books. And summertime is a great opportunity to catch up on all three. 

Dave and I have been re-watching a favorite series from Masterpiece Mystery, Foyle's War. Have you seen it?

Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle
Set on the south coast of England in the 1940's, Foyle's War is a brilliant detective show (first time I have ever liked a murder mystery), with a second storyline of what was going on during the war, as well.

My favorite character, Sam

And Christy and I have been watching Chicago Fire.

Good story lines and great characters and it all takes place in our city, Chicago. In fact, several scenes have been filmed right in our neighborhood. 

If you have been to visit us, you will recognize this beautiful church, right by our el stop. We missed the filming of this scene, but have watched three other scenes that were filmed in Logan Square. Very fun.

What are you watching this summer?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Going to the Chapel ... Reflections from the Mother of the Bride

Tom DeBruyn photography

I have always loved being a mom. (most days, anyway) And, I also loved being ... the mother of the bride.

We all worked together and worked hard. 

Tom DeBruyn photography

This was a handmade wedding.

Handbaked, too.

We all survived the planning, the work, the emotions ... and the wedding day finally came.

 Hipster brides wear flannel.

So does the hipster, maid of honor. (Ah ... love my girls.)

Since we are "the beverage family" ... we had beverages.

It is a lovely day to be surrounded by friends.

Tom DeBruyn photography
Wonderful friends.

Tom DeBruyn photography
 My handsome son in law, surrounded by his friends.

There was a handsome father of the bride, too.

The wedding was fun, full of beautiful music and Scripture, reflected Daniel and Jenny's love of Jesus and their love for each other. 

Here are two of my favorite moments ...

Daniel and Jenny asked us, their parents, to pray for them during one of the songs. I felt we were standing on holy ground.

And they had a time for their first prayer, too.

They are now man and wife. I am very happy to introduce to you ... Daniel and Jenny Stalker.

The end ... but really just the beginning.
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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Childers Wedding Bakery

wedding central around here :)
Daniel and Jenny wanted

          *a short engagement (four months), and

          *a beautiful but much less expensive 
            wedding  (Did you know that the average cost
                   of a U.S. wedding is $25,000?)

So ... we have been all working hard for months. It has been exhausting, but so fun and creative. And Jenny is super (super, super, super) organized, which has helped a lot. 

Sandy, the darling gal in charge of the reception, called her "the dream bride."

Our house and Jenny's apartment have been full of piles and piles of wedding stuff ... all purchased on sale, of course. 

Last week, we turned our home into a wedding bakery!

The reception was a Scottish tea (appropriate for our many summer of ministry in Scotland and reminiscent of the wonderful teas provided by adorable Scottish church ladies.) Oh yes, and tea. Our family loves tea.

First, we baked button wafers ... a light pie crust like tiny cookie. I needed 250, which means 500 all together, as you put two together with frosting.

Thanks for your help, Carol

As a kid, this was Jenny's favorite cookie. The Betty Crocker cookbook calls them Cream Wafers. My girls thought they looked like buttons, so at our house, they have always been button cookies.

I love this picture, because I wrote my sister's flight number on the parchment paper. That is the way you roll, when you are busy.

Next, came our famous White Chocolate Apricot Scones (only I used cranberries, so I did not have to chop piles of apricots.)
250 scones went quickly with the help of my sister, Sue.

Then, the sweetest bit of all ... Dave baked Jenny's wedding cake. This is no small feat, as it had to be gluten free, egg free, chocolate free and sugar free. 

Yup, Dave, the father of the bride, took the challenge and our house smelled amazing. 

How cool is that?

And, the uber cute cake topper was made by the bride.

Well ... the Childers Wedding Bakery is closed ... for a long time. It was all worth it!

Tom DeBruyn photography

 Linking with the Soli Sisters. Thanks for praying for our wedding.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Sneak Peak

Tom DeBruyn Photography
More to come ...

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