Monday, January 6, 2014

My Word for the Year

Two words have been milling in my head as we begin the new year and it is time again, to choose my word for the year.

not my word for the year :)

For three years, I chose my word based on a word ornament that I got from friends. But no one gave me any ornaments with words this year. 

This year, I paid attention to words around me and when I saw this word in the chase study I am enjoying ... I just liked it.

My word for 2014 is ...consider.

Consider is a thoughtful, intentional, forward moving word, that I think will help me to pay attention to life.

I want to pay attention to ...

     *what I am enjoying

     *what is causing me to be afraid or stuck

     *when am I numbing, rather than feeling

     *what God is saying to me

     *what opportunities I have to love well


"Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you."  I Samuel 12:24 

Have you chosen a word for your year? I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. Glenda, your word is wonderful and love the many applications. My word is "favor" as in God's favor and not meant to be selfish but to remind me to constantly look for His favor. Even the breath in my body is due to His favor and I go from there.
    God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart this year.
    Shalom, Pax, Agape

  2. Glenda, what a great word--the idea of just paying attention, listening intentionally. My word--I keep hearing the word 'anchor' when I'm reading, but not sure.......I think God might be saying to stick with last year's--'fit'. Still pondering, praying about that.
    I appreciate you, friend.

  3. Thank you Glenda for this challenge. I will think about my word and let you know. Happy New Year, hope you're having a great start to 2014 ~ Chris :)

  4. I love that: consider! I usually have a "theme for the year" which ends up being a few words! :-) This year, I'm wanting to "look up" to God, lift up my eyes and see, fix my eyes on Him. I haven't yet formulated the brief title, maybe just "Look up" but that's the direction I want to head with His help.

  5. What a wonderful choice! I have not given it much thought for this year yet (and here we are on the 6th!), but I would like to. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Happy New Year!:)

  6. My word is JOY. That's something we need every day! I live your word and that verse.

  7. I have been attempting to decide between Faith and Hope. Last year I found it so easy but struggling this year ~ maybe it should be faith,,,,

  8. I really like this, Glenda. Consider encompasses so much and gives food for thought.


  9. ~Beautiful direction~ for you and for your friends...thank you.

    As the New Year unfolds, "Strengthen the things that remain" has been present almost at a visible level.

  10. Choosing a word for the year is new to me. I don't have one. At least not now.


  11. My word is "rest." No more striving; He goes before me!

  12. I LOVE this word, Glenda. Now why couldn't I have found one like this??? Sigh. And I love your list, too. Know all about that 'numbing' rather than 'feeling' stuff.

  13. Hello, Glenda. Happy New Year! I love your word! I smile as I say that because I've realized I love everyone's word. I really love the whole process of choosing One Word for the year. It is then such a joy to see how God uses the word in our lives throughout the year. My word is JOY. I'm seeking to find Joy in a year without my husband home. I'm seeking to find Joy no matter what the circumstances.
    I hope you are surviving the cold because it is COLD out there!
    Blessings to you,

  14. Glenda, The word, Consider is so YOU And so THE LORD! It captures the intentional way you live. Thanks for the wonderful, uplifting motivational (in the best sense of the word) blog.
    Blessed to be your friend! Kate B

  15. Yes, Glenda, we had a lovely Christmas...just got a new computer. Tomorrow we are off to Orlando's Disney World to support our son who will run the Dopey Challenge on behalf of JDRF (juvenile diabetes research fun) and Carson, his nephew who, since the age of 4, suffer from diabetes. Adam will run the Dopy Challenge (raising #2,500 for diabetes research)...5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, half-marathon on Saturday, full marathon on Sunday...a total of 48.6 miles :) Wish him luck!!!!

  16. i haven't chosen a word this year. i have for the past 3 .. for me it is more about just being present
    stepping outside my comfort zone and taking God risks
    believing God is Who He says He is...that kinda of thing and i struggle to find a word for
    we will see. next year i maybe choosing a word
    but i LOVE your word. especially in the context of the verse you chose.
    consider the works of His hands is another i say often

  17. My word is "ripples..."
    In 2013 I was in a state
    of reacting to events that
    happened, but in 2014 I
    want to bring joy and good
    things to others, intentionally,
    creating ripples from my life
    to theirs : )

    Thanks for making me stop and
    consider the impact of my 2014

    xo Suzanne

  18. Glenda, this is my first year choosing a word for the year. It turns out most of the people in my family have also chosen one so its been a really fun thing to share about. My word this year is COOPERATE. Cooperating with God and listening to the Holy Spirit's leading even when I may be hesitant or downright rebellious. Cooperating with changes at work. Cooperating with my husband and putting him first. Its a big challenge, but the word clearly came from God so here we go! Thanks for this post. I am so excited to see that you have a word too. I somehow missed this post in January. :) Miss you!


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