Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ten Days in March ... On Becoming a Grandma

One forgets how crazy those first days are after giving birth to a baby.

Extreme exhaustion and pain amidst healthy food on pretty plates. Sitz baths and motrin and cups of tea in a favorite mug. No time to shower or floss your teeth, but time to quickly open the beautiful cards and packages that keep arriving in the mail box.

There is little time to process the birth (9#'s 1oz born 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital) because it takes so much energy to learn to feed your baby every two hours. As our friend Kelley said, "Breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart.")

There have been high highs and low lows, wonderful provisions (I am talking about you, Jamie), and a little miracle thrown in, too, on one hard night. Laughter and tears.

And so much thoughtfulness ... 

*beautiful meals brought by friends from church, thoughtfully packaged in old yogurt containers that do not have to be returned

*phone calls and text from out of state family and friends

*a landlord that drops by with goodies "I just baked this morning" 

It has been my joy, these past ten days, to wash dishes, change diapers, bake oatmeal and hang with Lily in the wee hours, so dad and mom can get just a few more minutes of sleep.

Amidst the craziness ... there is Lillian Joy. (Lily, Lillers, LJ, pumpkin patch, Lily skunk cabbage, baby girl, sweet cheeks etc.) She is a beautiful, cuddly, charming and chill baby.

We have been living in a wonderful baby cocoon where one forgets that el trains crash into airports.

I have been home for the weekend, but I cannot wait to go back tonight, because ... I am a grandma

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  1. I love this so much! You all look amazing (especially, Jenny!). So happy for all of you that you get to experience this together. Blessings to all. (Hope to see you soon!)

  2. What sweetness. I cherish your words as we wait eagerly for our baby girl to arrive (10 weeks or less now!!). We can't wait to have a newborn again, but I am reminded that even from day one, parenting comes with challenges and tears. Congratulations to your sweet and wonderful family, Glenda!

  3. Oh, Glenda, I'm just crying tears of joy with you over this new adventure. "I am a Grandma." No sweeter words, my friend. I love you and am so happy for you and yours.

  4. You will never be the same, my friend. Being a grandma changes everything! It's wonderful. I'm so glad you can spend time with your precious little grandgirl and her mommy and daddy. Enjoy every moment - they go so fast. One day you turn around and they are taller than you and planning college or weddings and you wonder what just happened.

  5. This post is all kinds of wonderful Glenda or should I say Grandma! Congrats to all of you ~ betcha Mom & Dad are so thankful for you more than ever. Welcome to the world Lily ~ you are going to love it here xo

  6. What a wonderful post, both in content and delivery. I have read you for quite some time now, Glenda, and seen many photos of your daughter...please tell her she looks as glowing and beautiful as ever...and you too Grandma...ah love, it is a glorious reality.

  7. Glenda,
    You captured these past many days perfectly! Everyone looks so very happy. And of course, Lillian looks so sweet.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh...congratulations to all of you. This was brilliantly written, Glenda, straight from your heart. I enjoyed the pictures, too. You are a wonderful Grandma already! :)

    My grandmother's name was Lillian and we came thisclose to naming our first daughter that.

    Wishing you all the best!


    P.S. I nearly forgot to say that baby is SO beautiful!!

  9. I have been thinking of you so much--there's such beauty in becoming a grandmother and watching your own daughter become a mother. Your Lillian Joy is so adorably perfect.

  10. You have captured it all! Six times I did exactly this - spent two weeks with my daughters for each of their boys' arrivals. (I take that back - spent six days with daughter #1's boy #2 because daughter #2 was getting married and I had to pick up her floral order 450 miles south. :>) The joys are intense and irreplaceable and the exhaustion likewise. Congrats!! Enjoy!!

  11. Congratulations, Glenda!! Your photos and words captured it all so well. Welcome to the very special world of being a "grandma"! And isn't it great that you are living close by? Thanking God for the safe arrival of your little grandbaby!

  12. Breast feeding isn't for the faint of breast either! Lily is lovely, Glenda, and what a wonderful next journey for all.

  13. Precious! What a blessed girl to have her Mom so close by! What a blessed Grandma to be so close to her Grand!! Enjoy every moment =)

  14. I am SO happy for you, Glenda. I've gotten such joy looking at all your FB pictures!

  15. How sweet! Congratulations to all of you! Indeed, you are a grandma, and I think you will be a very good one. So excited for you! :)

  16. I am so very happy for you and your family. What a blessing this little girl is. xoxo Tears of joy.

  17. Yay! Love it! Oh,
    those baby cocoon days
    were so special. Eat it up,

    xo Suzanne

    PS: The new family is
    so lovely and Lillian is a
    real beauty : )

  18. Hooray for a beautiful little swaddled baby girl. Welcome Lillian! Congratulations Grandma, Grandpa, aunty and mom and dad! So beautiful.

  19. Congratulations!! She is beautiful! :)


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