Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Puttering ~ today is the perfect day for it. The windows are open and a nice spring air is cooling off the house, still hot from yesterday. Dave made a pot of coffee before he left for some meetings. And ... I am still in my pajamas.

Years ago, I read (and have reread many times) Alexandra Stoddard's Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life. She gave words to many things I already practiced and loved. 

Here is what Alexandra says about puttering ~ "When you are unwinding alone, unpressured, you see things differently than when you are under the gun ... Puttering is a healthy way to sort out where you are at any given time and for me it is a daily ritual."

Here is what puttering looks like for me today:

     *deadheading my petunias

     *thinking about the death of Maya Angelou and 
       the power of words

     *a few load of laundry 

     *catching up on Facebook ( am I the only one who still
          really loves Facebook?) 

       *thinking about how Lily is already ten weeks
      old and welcoming a few other babies to the
      world this week, and praying for some
      deliver moms

can't get enough of this wee girl  
     *praying for several dear friends that are
       suffering from cancer
     *transferring bits and pieces to my new

I am off to shower, then make some guacamole for lunch. 

Do you like to putter?


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Wish I could putter with you. Soon??

  2. Absolutely. Those do nothing days are rare and hard to find. I appreciate them when I have them. (Lily is 10 weeks old???) wow.

  3. Puttering feeds my soul! And sometimes cures a headache. I'm sitting here looking at 19 Alexandria Stoddard books. I need to start and read them again. I admit to a love of facebook--dear nieces and nephews scattered throughout the US, students who are now mothers and fathers...and a truly wonderful prayer list.

  4. I believe it is my evening ritual after all my loved ones are in bed...I putter around here...on the computer mostly these days but I prefer when I also do more stuff...working on that focus

  5. I like to putter on the golf course!

  6. Haven't puttered in a while....moving and emptying one's stuff of more than 30 years at a residence does that! I look forward to a slower pace soon.
    Your sweet Lily has precious baby feet. Don't you just love to kiss them?
    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  7. I LOVE to putter and have plenty of time to do it...especially if it means I'm wedding un-wanteds out of my cupboards or sewing supplies :)

  8. Love this post. Puttering for me... is mostly doing stuff in my garden and around my shed... Good word., thanks.

  9. Ah Glenda, just reading about your puttering made me feel more relaxed! :) I have definitely been in a puttering place the past two days and it is a need and a place to clear one's mind and refocus. Thanks for reminding me and others that it's a good thing! It's so easy to judge oneself too harshly.

  10. The only thing I'm better at doing than puttering, is nothing. Although, camped out in a chair, reading fiction isn't 'quite' nothing but it's close -grin-.
    Alexandra Stoddard has written about puttering, she finds it "high art". I'm not sure I've puttered in a long time, perhaps since before Dave got sick, but used to love it. It's a nice way to re-connect on a deeper level with home, sanctuary, peace.

  11. I'm puttering today - and taking moments here and there to catch up with you here on your blog! I've had several extremely busy, stressful weeks and need a puttering day to get my house in order and begin to pack the trailer for a week of vacation. We are going with friends from church to a high mountain lake in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. I'll putter there, too! Putter with small projects, reading and some fishing (perhaps) with my hubby. There will be long walks on lakeside trails, rides in the boat and some time at the lodge on the other side of the lake from our campsite. Wifi is available there so I just might check in on Facebook, which I love, and maybe a blog or two. I'll email you soon with an update on my dear, little mother.


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