Monday, June 16, 2014

Christy Childers ... nomad. thinker. writer. girl

I love having adult daughters. There has been a lot of internet sadness going on lately, about kids growing up. (college, high school and kindergarten graduations bring this on) Well, I am here to tell you ~ the best is yet to come. Any time I get to hang out with these girls ... feels like Christmas morning.

They are fun, charming, sweet and really good thinkers. And great wordsmiths, too.

nomad. thinker. writer. girl

Take Christy, for example. Her pen has been really busy and I love her recent projects.

Check out her two articles on BOOK RIOT.
(I love their byline ~ Always books. Never boring.)

     (inspired by the stack of books on her sister's nightstand)

     (find out what Christy does & does not have in common ...
        with Jane Eyre)

POSTCARDS TO AUTHORS is a creative blog that Christy started a few months back. In her words ...

Postcards to Authors is a little project

that I started when I got a box of 100 Penguin Postcards for my birthday,

& decided to use them to write to my favourite authors, literary agents, & other bookish people,

just to say thanks for making great books.

I post them here (& in the mail) every Monday morning.

Here are a few more examples ~

Cool project, eh? 

As for Jenny, she is not writing much right now. Her hands are a bit full with this adorableness ...


  1. You have raised two wonderful and creative women! I love the projects that Christy has going on, and I especially love the project that Jenny has undertaken!

  2. Love this post Glenda, you have beautiful girls with beautiful hearts. And you're right, it keeps getting better!

  3. Well wonderful all around! Why am I not surprised that your daughter would combine her love of lit with a ministry of gratitude and encouragement? And the family is growing...lovely. Happy summer to you Glenda!

  4. A little glimpse into the beautiful creative world of your daughter(s) is ALMOST like a visit with you. Yes, you are blessed. And adult daughters are the best. Agreed.

  5. Writers have to be thrilled to get a penguin postcard. Reading them made me smile. I'd rather be with my daughters, too. I love thought that being with them is like Christmas morning. ~Pamela.

  6. It is, absolutely, a cool project and impressive as well, Glenda. Your girls are beautiful, thinking women...great genes to pass along.


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