Sunday, June 8, 2014

OUR DAD ... preacher and prayer

hipster dad
Our dad is adorable. He is:

     *cute and super funny

     *a foodie but super skinny

     *a wordsmith with a huge vocabulary

But mostly, he is a preacher and a prayer.

Through years of ministry and attending many hospital room death bed scenes, he knows a bit about your last days on earth.

One time he told me, "Glenny, most people die the same way they lived." I would say the same thing for the way my dad has aged. He has aged, the same way he lived the rest of his life ... preaching and praying.

Right now, dad is attending the final days of his second wife, Dorothy. Dad and Dot got married one year after we lost our lovely mom to cancer. And two years after Dorothy had lost her husband. They both had been married 55 years and both had five kids. They have been married for seven years.

Dad and Dot ~ July 2012
Last Sunday, dad preached, I think because he had something important to say, and because Dorothy wanted to hear him preach one more time. These are precious words, Getting Through When There Is No Way Out. These are words my dad has modeled for us for years.

If you want to stand on a wee bit of holy ground, you can listen in ... 27 minutes of truth for whatever midnight you might be experiencing. Dad is a preacher.

And, Dad is a prayer. I grew up to the sound of my dad's praying voice off in the distance, in the early hours of the morning. And it is a sound I love when I visit him now.

Last week, my sister Sue, spent the night at dad's. It was a bit of a rough night, but once again Dorothy pulled through.

I was not surprised, not surprised at all, when Sue sent me this text ... "Listening to the familiar sound of our dad praying."  That is our dad!

ps. My brother, Tim, asked dad once for his philosophy on life. Lots of years of experience condensed into four point ...



  1. Thank you for sharing this. David and I listened together. So beautiful.

  2. Glenda, I am so sorry but thank you for the sermon. I'm going to schedule a trip to county library so I can listen to your Dad's sermon. I need to follow his advice on number 4! I'm amazed at their marrying so soon after their spouse's death and know it was God's hand; it makes me wonder about God's plans for me...

  3. Love your dad's life philosophy! So sorry to hear about your stepmother's illness. I'm sure she and your dad are a great comfort to each other.


  4. Your Dad is very much like mine. He strongly believed in meeting God early in the morning, he was a preacher and a prayer. Dad passed away 4 years ago and we all miss him so much. Thank God for our sweet Mary whom Dad married 1 year after losing Mom to cancer. She loves our bunch as much as she loves hers....we are blessed without measure!
    Thanks for sharing your Dad with us, Glenda. Prayers for you and your family!

  5. 'Hipster Dad'--for sure! You are so blessed, Glenda. I loved his advice--especially the 'take a lot of vacations' part. I will come back to listen to his message later. Thanks for bragging on him and sharing with us in this space.

  6. The more you tell us about your parents, the more readily I understand why you are the loving person that you are, Glenda. And I love 'Glennie.' Love it. So, so sorry about Dot's illness - praying for relief, in whichever way it comes.

  7. This blessed me big time!! Thank you so much for sharing your Dad with us!

    Visiting from SDG!

  8. What a wise fellow. What wonderful memories growing up.

  9. Glenda, I just look and read about your dad and I am just overcome by how much good can flow from generation to generation. Praying for your sweet dad and Dot right now.

  10. I am visiting from Soli Deo Gloria. Before leaving this comment, I prayed for your dad & Dot. Not easy to face these end days but your dad certainly seems to draw his strength from God. Blessings in the days ahead!

  11. Glenda,
    Thank you for sharing. I just finished listening to your dad's sermon - terrific message, great preaching.
    I'm sorry that your family is going through a difficult season.
    Sending you a hug from Red Sox Nation!

  12. What an honor to listen to your father, Glenda. Hard days for him, but what beauty in his strength and joy he finds in Jesus. Thank you for sharing this. I will be praying for all of you as you walk through these days. ~Pamela

  13. Glenda - My Aunt Bev let me know about your blog. Thank you for sharing your Dad's sermon. It was a blessing to hear him teach again (after 26 years). Your Mom and Dad both hold a special place in my heart. I will keep him, his wife, and your whole family in prayer for these hard days. LeAnn (Miles) Wakeman

  14. I just read this post with tears! Your dad and mine have so much in common. My dad is with Jesus now, but the precious treasure he gave me was the sound of his early-morning prayers in the living room - or in one parsonage where his office was next to my room. I heard him pray for people with great needs and missionaries far away, but the thing that touched my heart the most was to hear his early-morning prayers for me! He loved and preached and prayed until the end. And the end of his life was such a testimony to so many people that we still how his witness lives on. You and I are blessed, dear friend.



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