Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why I Still Like Facebook

Facebook can be a bit of a pill lately. And I truly wish they would stop the algorithm silliness. But I still like Facebook. Truly like it.

I have lived in a lot of places ... continents, countries and cities. And Facebook helps me stay in touch with many people. I like keeping in touch with folks.

Recently, I posted this ... adorableness on my Facebook page.

Our grand baby, Lillian
This post got lots of likes and comments. They came in from friends from all different stages of my life. It looked like this:

     *family members (13)

     *former neighbors (2)

     *Royal Servants (26)

     *blogging friends (11) 

     *Fourth Memorial Church/Spokane (4)

     *Ecola Bible School/Cannon Beach, OR (2)

     *childhood friends of the girls (3)

     *former nannies (3)

     *Minnetonka Community Church/MN (10)

     *WorldVenture coworkers (11)

     *people I worked with at Panera (1)

     *girls I have mentored (7)

     *Village Chapel/WA (12)

     *Grace Community Church/WA (6)

     *Highlands Community Church/WA (25)   

     *kids that were in our youth group (6)

     *boarding school friend/Viet Nam (2)

     *Park Community Church/IL (3)

     *Northview Bible Church/Spokane (7)

     *former ministry partners/Sonlife (3)

     *friends from college/Biola (4)

That is why I like Facebook ... I like keeping in touch with people.

What do you think about Facebook these days?    




  1. This is amazing. And a wonderful way to stay in touch with everyone. That's how FB should be used. And thank you for sharing this special little girl with us!


  2. Same exact reason.............connections. You are blessed with your friends!

  3. What, you think I am going to comment about Facebook when I can comment on that beautiful blessing that has landed smack dab in the middle of your family? Don't be silly! Wonderful...and yes I think the value of FB is being perfectly used in your case...a network of love across time and space.

  4. I must ask, who are Royal Servants? Yes, FB is for connecting. Your grand is so cute.

  5. I love facebook. I have family all over the US and world. It's a great way to stay in touch.

    You Grandbaby is adorable!!

  6. Facebook is what people make of it. For me, it's keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world. To share about the Lord, and to share adorable pictures like yours above. Facebook has also been a prayer chain many times. And since I've had a book come out, it's also a great way to market it.

  7. I love FB but I am careful with photos.

  8. Oh how I love it--just for the reason you mentioned. Keeping in touch with my nieces and nephews, all my cousins and aunts. Also I use it is for a prayer list. So many requests can be prayed for immediately and I've seen wonderful answers to prayer.

    Lillian is beautiful.

  9. I have only one reason for liking see what my son and his family are doing...they post regularly. Otherwise, I don't care about it. I prefer email with friends and relatives. I like my brother's blog for family history and current doings. He's a retired newspaper publisher so he has an interesting and readable post every day.

  10. Lilian is a doll, no wonder so many people commented! I'm curious about those Royal Servants! FB is great for keeping in touch. I might look at it daily and then not look at it for a week, but those email reminders they send usually take me back.

  11. I truly love Facebook for keeping in touch with people and reconnecting with old friends. It is so much easier to plan events now as we do it with a click of a button. No more big lists and sitting on the phone for hours at a time. On the flip side it has made me lazy in actually getting together with some people. Lillian is beautiful!

  12. Glenda, FB has its quirks but I enjoy keeping up with nephew in Afghanistan and his new daughter in FL. To paraphrase, some might mean it for evil, but I use it for good.

  13. I share the same reasons! I love the way FB has let me reconnect with many long-ago friends and with far-away family. And I love the way I can stay in touch so I can pray!

  14. I use FB to keep up with friends from high school and distant relatives... you know, so people know what's going on in my life without me having to tell them. But I'm WAY more interested in YOUR friends! Royal servants? Like, i'm-hanging-out-in-a-castle-taking-care-of-the-queen royal servants? How do you know them? And why haven't you shared those stories?

    Please don't burst my bubble and tell me that was the name of your high school lacrosse team...


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