Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Few Thoughts on Parenting Now That I am a Grandma

This morning, Lillian and I went out for a walk and coffee.

We let her cute mama come along, as well.

The coffee shop was mama and baby central.

As Jenny and I were enjoying an iced Americano, one of the busy moms with two kids, smiled at Lily (just sitting there so calmly) and said to Jenny, "just wait, you only have a little more time til it gets crazy."

Jenny has asked me many questions since Lillian was born, four months ago. My answer is often that I do not remember. It is ages since our girls were little.   But this morning, I remembered this ... my parenting philosophy.

A little philosophy from a parent/grandma:

          *Each stage of parenting is a little different

          *Each stage has it pros and cons

          *Each stage offers good things and hard

          *Each stage offers unique opportunites
            that will not come around again

Therefore ...

          *pay attention. enjoy. pray. cry. celebrate.
            be intentional. ask for help. learn. be

Once that stage of over ... it is gone.

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  1. I love your philosophy, Glenda. It is definitely one I am trying to embrace. I am also loving focusing on the unique things to my children. My own sweet Mama pointed out to me during her recent visit that I have a child who is (most likely) an auditory learner. That was definitely an "aha" moment for me. Now I am trying to be much more intentional and patient with the sometimes tiring process of repeating myself and listening to him ask the same question over and over. It's how he's learning...and, boy, does the way God designed little minds to learn fascinate me.

  2. What lovely thoughts, Glenda. You give us all something to think about.

  3. I so agree with you. Sometimes it is SO HARD to stay present in a stage that feels hard, but I've realized there is ALWAYS something I can find for which to be grateful. Love your advice so much! Such a wise woman!

  4. Ah you are such a loving, generous, accepting, warm mother. What a great example you are. I am sure your daughters learned more from the way you loved them than any advice you'll give them from here on out. But how lucky they are to have you as their continued, loving guide. Thanks for sharing this good advice. I am finding the age 8 to be challenging in lots of new ways. Trying to learn to love that phase because you are so right, the past is g.o.n.e.

  5. Hi Glenda!
    It must be part of God's plan for me to come here today. While putting my boys to sleep tonight, I was wondering if I was doing a good job as a mom. Reading this post reminded me what's most important when we parent: Be fully present. So, instead of wondering if what I'm doing this parenting thing right, I'll do my best to be present when I'm with my boys. Just do my best, give them my undivided attention, and simply enjoy them. Thank you for sharing your philosophy with us.

  6. You are so right as always. Sometimes we mamas are looking so forward to the next stage we forget to appreciate the current stage's beauty. thank you for your excellent advice. and your granddaughter is adorable!!

  7. Oh, your words touched my heart and soul...words I never thought to describe those years but truly fumbled trying to. Thank you, Glenda.

    And I thought the first thing I would say was Lily is the most beautiful little baby I've ever seen. And then that she and her mother were just gorgeous together. Well, let's add that in! :)

    Jane xx

  8. It is hard to remember my parenting philosophy. I think it was much like yours. The children were my guide. If I could go back, I don't think I'd change a thing.
    Loved seeing your three beautiful faces.


  9. I always thought each stage of my girl's was my favorite. I like your "therefore" list. Isn't it a joy to see your own child become a mother? It's been a sweet gift to me. ~Pamela

  10. beautiful pictures of beautiful women and women in training. once this day is gone, it's gone forever. sometimes I'm actually successful at living in the moment.

  11. PERFECT summary, great advice. You're the best, Glenda. And those girls? ADORABLE. Thanks so much.

  12. Trying to roll with this philosophy myself with two little girls, 4 and 1. So many people tell me which stage is "the best" and which is "the worst" or say, "just wait til she turns 13." But I believe what you say: every stage is different and every stage has it's pros and cons and we learn about each other and grow through each one!

  13. Not sure what happened to my comment...wasn't certain it went through....anyway
    Cute baby. Cute Mommy. Cute Grandma!!
    Your advice is right on and so very wise.
    Blessings, Glenda!

  14. So true! I gained that nugget of wisdom from someone who passed it to me when mine were little. I must embrace it afresh now that I have mostly teens. Love hearing your insight. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I read this on my phone when you first posted it. I was camping high in the Cascade Mountains and my phone wouldn't let me comment. I saw it today and decided to stop by and post my thoughts. I would add - from the wisdom of the years - and how fast time flies: Leave the dishes and the dusting and a few things, if you need to. Play and sing and read and laugh with your little ones because soon they will be grown and you will wish you had done more when you had the chance.

  16. Such great wisdom Glenda. Those years pass so quickly and unless we appreciate each moment and stay on our knees it's impossible to make it through. Your daughter is so blessed to have you to help her through these tough but wonderful times.

  17. Such wisdom, Glenda!! Just one reason i can't wait to share a cuppa with you at the SDG retreat!!!

  18. Glenda how wonderful thoughts on Motherhood. Thank you so much for visiting! Please keep my in your prayers as I have another hip replacement on August 13th I am staying very positive!!

    The Arts by Karena

  19. awwww, this is perfect. Just like you! (Can't wait for Friday!)


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