Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16 ~ An afternoon of inspiration and a book I could not put down

Do you ever need a little change of pace, a good cup of coffee and some inspiration? I do. And, today was one of those days.

Chicago weather was a little dark and rainy, a perfect day for an afternoon at one of my favorite browsing places ... Barnes and Noble.

Christy had the afternoon off, so we went together.

I always start with a stack of magazine to peruse.
Then a gorgeous stack of books and a delicious coffee. (always a tall no-foam latte for me)

But today was a little different. First, I am not drinking coffee for the month, and brought a tea bag from home. And second, I started reading a book that I could not put down, and skipped the rest of the stack.

Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Ann Whiston-Donaldson, had me spell bound. Ann is a beautiful writer who honestly shares the story of the loss of their 12 year old son. 

My brother has buried a son, too early, and I was thinking of them, as well.

It was a different kind of inspiration then my usual afternoon at Barnes and Noble ... but I went away wanting to know Jesus a little more and wanting to be there for my friends in deep ways when they are experiencing loss.

Thanks, Ann, for sharing your loss. 

Where do you find inspiration?



  1. I am drawn to book recommendations, and this one sounds intriguing but hard to read because of the tough subject. I find inspiration in books too, and in flowers!

  2. Wow. I think I've got to get that book. Thanks! (P.S. I am unbelievably jealous of your delicious afternoon.)

  3. Oh, isn't that awesome when you start reading a book, and can't put it down? I find inspiration when I ride my bicycle (I live in Holland).

  4. Love books like that. And trips to Barnes and Noble are THE best ever!

  5. Thanks for sharing this book Glenda. My sister lost a son a while back. There's nothing sadder. I would love to read this.


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