Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17 ~ Solutions

There are so many things I love about living in our vintage apartment in Chicago.
We live on the top floor

Every day, I enjoy
          *hardwood floors

          *high ceilings
          *built in hutch

          *gorgeous details to the trim around
            the windows

          *a transom window

          *tall detailed baseboards

          *crown molding

BUT, there are a few things I really do not like:

          *lots (and I mean lots) of dust

          *really old windows

          *and, the biggest of all, only one bathroom

We host lots of overnight guests and get really creative with where to find a comfy sleeping spot for another person. (even six) But there is just nothing to do about only having one bathroom.

Recently, I did finally figure out a solution for a way to blow dry my hair, when the bathroom is occupied. (I know, small on the list of real life problems ... but made me happy.) Here it is ...

Yup ... that is a mirror hanging on the door knobs of my kitchen cabinet.

I am happy.



  1. Oh, we have so much in common, dear friend. I'm always happy when I can dry my hair. On time! We are blessed to have a bathroom plus half a bathroom. I loved seeing your building and imagining the joys of the 'old' design you shared.

  2. I love this. Lived in Chicago for 8 years. I miss the little shops where I could grab something on the way home from the EL. Oh, the El, how I miss riding the train. But I don't miss carrying groceries up the stairs. And the lack of laundry in most apartments. We are so spoiled here in Dallas. Thank you for that wonderful post.

  3. Why you clever lady you. I do like the plus aspects you list.

  4. What a darling house Glenda. You are so fun and so creative. I'm with you, a girl has to have a place to dry her hair!

  5. The outline of your building and the neighbor building on the right would make great quilt patterns. Lining up for the everyone is still glad to be there...


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