Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7 ~ Thank you notes

 Recently, I sent a small graduation gift to Kate, daughter of my friend, Shelly. (author of a great blog, Life on the Wild Side)

The following week, this beauty arrived in my mailbox.

A thoughtful, handwritten note on a really cute card. And check out the envelope. Kate does calligraphy for wedding invitations.

"In my day", (ages ago) I had personal mail delivered by the postman almost every day. Sometimes, I had what I called "a good mail day" and several would arrive at once.

Well, we know those days are over. (sniff) 

I still appreciate a thank you e.mail, a thank you text or a thank you note via Facebook. But if you really want to make my day ... pop your thank you note in the mail. Thank YOU, Kate.

My daughter, Christy, has a blog Postcards to Authors, where every week she writes (and mails) postcards to authors to say thanks for writing good books.

When was the last time you received a thank you note in the mail? Or wrote one  


  1. Oh how sweet! I absolutely love this. And I love handwritten thank you notes. So relieved to know my girl loves them too. ;)

    And Christy's blog? A-mazing!!!!

  2. I miss those days, too. My daughters receive a lot of thank you notes as they go to more engagements than I do. I really miss letters.

    Jane xx

  3. What a sweet note! Thank you notes are a thing of the past for many people - they don't send them by email, Facebook or in the mail. I always appreciate a note of thanks any way it comes, but in my mailbox. Oh my, I could almost do cartwheels!

  4. I think we all love the idea of cards and letters in the mail ~ takes us back now. I used to pick up little just because cards and send them to my cousin but it has been awhile since I have done that. First thing I thought when I saw your photo is the beautiful penmanship!


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