Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dreams (the kind you have while sleeping)

Dave always laughs when I tell him about my dreams, because I have some strange ones. Do you pay attention to your dreams? 

For me, I have noticed a pattern of dreams that show up if I am stressed. I have three recurring dreams and the further down the list it goes, the more stressed I am. 

     *my college dream ~ it is half way through a college year or near the end of the semester. I have forgotten where my classrooms are located. I have forgotten to attend class or do any homework. And ... it is time to take a test. (poor me)

     *my school teacher dream ~ it is the first day of class. I have forgotten to fix up my classroom. I have forgotten to make lesson plans. And ... the students and parents are arriving. (poor me)

     *my communist dream ~ in this dream someone is always hunting me down. It has some variations but it is always scary. (poor me)

And now some encouragement for you as you sleep tonight ... 

     *"I lay down and slept, I awoke again for the Lord sustained me." (Psalm 3:5)

     *"In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." (Psalm 4:8)

Years ago, I had a friend calligraphy these two verses for my bedroom wall. Dave was traveling a lot and I was home alone with two babies. So much comfort. 

How about you? Do you have any recurring dreams?

ps. If you are a therapist ... please do not read this post. :)    



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  2. Hé Glenda, thanks for this special dream blog. I love it. I am dreaming so much when I am late on te computer. So I must stop earlier.

  3. I have the high school/college dream wherein I can't find my classroom. Every room number is there except the one I need. I knock on walls for a hidden panel.
    Then I notice that I'm only wearing a slip (a very modest one) and my hair is in curlers. Lately, I've been dreaming about Facebook. I keep telling myself I'm asleep but I just keep checking FB.


  4. One of my 'stress' dreams is that I'm somewhere - usually my wedding - without an important piece of clothing or accessory. It used to be my shoes but now that it's fashionable to be barefooted for some wedding venues I guess it doesn't matter!

  5. I rarely have dreams, is that weird? I always think it's because I sleep so well. :)

  6. I rarely dream. When I do it has something to do with not remembering the lock combination for my gym locker.... Or I need to get dressed for something but everything is going wrong.
    I had to laugh when I read Bonnie's response... The slip part!
    Hope you are enjoying this day, Glenda!

  7. I have a very similar dream, only it's about high school. I show up and suddenly realize I haven't been there in a VERY long time, I haven't been doing my homework, I'm way behind, but there's a test. Typically if I stay in the dream long enough, I will look down and suddenly realize I'm not wearing a shirt and hope nobody has noticed. (!) Ah, the stress...

  8. I've had college dreams similar to yours, and recently I dreamed I was playing classical music and had a performance, but I had never learned the piece and had to sight read! =O Fernando just got back from a 2+ week trip - next time I will try to remember to think on those verses before bed! =)

  9. Loved reading about dreams and recurring ones; and the verses that speak of peace and safety...I LOVE the Psalms anyway! I used to have a recurring dream - I was in this house and it was always the same one with rooms behind rooms behind just went on and on and on and then circled back around to the other part of the house. Haven't had that one for quite some time; but I don't always remember my dreams. I also remember one from when I was a teenager...there was this revival in town. I had heard the preacher before and wanted to attend. So, I made the comment that I was going if I had to walk - it was a long way...that night I dreamed I was walking to the revival and going over an overpass/hill - and looking ahead was like I was walking up to the gates of Heaven. That's all I remember - and I DID get to go to that revival!!

  10. Oh, Glenda, I don't think I have recurring dreams....that I can recall. But I'm terrible at details and remembering things.
    Your last line about the therapist made me laugh out loud.

  11. Glenda,
    Like Jody, your last line made me chuckle...and I've had that college horrible and stressful...and I love Ps 4:8 :)

  12. When I have dreams it often means I have stayed in bed too long :) They happen when I am out of my deep sleep I think.

  13. Glenda, God speed on your's going to be Wonderful! As to dreams, yes, I color, black and white and all the time. I can sleep for two hours, dream a lot (or it seems like a lot), get up to let the dogs out for a wee then go back to bed, drop off like a light switch going out and right back to dreaming. As to remembering them, I do but don't write them down so don't remember...usually. Since Dave's death, I've dreamt about him twice and we were traveling both times. I'm not sure I want to figure that one out -lol-.

  14. Your last line made me laugh out loud. So funny. Don't you just want to put caveats like that out sometimes in life. I love the verses you posted. I think I need to frame those somehow and put them in my bedroom since I am in a very similar circumstance as you were in that time. Sounds comforting.


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