Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Little Beverage Christmas Tree

It was our friends, the Ives, that first called us "the beverage family."

It is not that we drink so many different types of beverages, but we drink our favorites often. (all day)

And, when you visit, you will often hear, "would you like something to drink?" (the tea kettle is our favorite kitchen tool)

So, it seem appropriate that I have a little beverage tree.

I love having this small pre-lit table top tree.

The tree topper captures the heart of beverages, eh?

 Would you like your tea in a cup and saucer?

At our house, we often brew tea in a tea pot.

Being a Seattle girl, I can also offer you Starbucks.

Or Caribou, from our years in Minneapolis.

Perhaps you prefer hot chocolate.

We always stock plenty of our favorites. 

I am always on the hunt for a small beverage ornament when we travel.

Two years ago, I discovered the little beverage tree fits in one of my favorite crocks. This makes me happy. And the mini tree quilt was made by my sweet mom, Hallie.

We have a big tree, too, with our ornament collection from around the world.

Please stop in and see my little beverage tree. I would be happy to pop the kettle on.



  1. Haha, the beverage tree, that looks awesome! If I lived closer I'd stop by for a cup of tea :)

  2. Wish we could sit and sip tea together Glenda. I love your little tree. Everything looks so festive!

  3. I would LOVE to stop by and share a cup of tea with you! Soon, my friend, we will do that here in Oregon. I think your little tree is wonderful and it's such fun to see what you have collected to make it so special.

  4. I'm just warming up a beverage right now. :) How I would love to stop by and enjoy one with you!

  5. ALMOST like seeing it in person...........very creative!

  6. Oh, I'd LOVE to stop in, Glenda! Such an adorable idea, the beverage tree! I've been drinking a lot of cinnamon and apple spice herbal tea these days.

  7. It would be a pleasure. Thanks for the invitation :) How nice a visit would be sharing a cup of tea!
    Your little beverage tree is adorable. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. that is TOTALLY cute! before I started using an electric kettle, I used a tea pot; I'm hooked on the kettle now. (safer for me...can't forget and leave it on the flame..)

  9. Love it, Glenda! I have a couple of "theme" trees, too. But we only have room to put one up each year. This year it is the Penguin Tree's turn, lol :) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all JOY in 2015!

  10. Nice to meet you Glenda. I am a near Seattle girl myself and have an original Starbucks poster hanging on the wall of my kitchen. When we first moved to Chicago, there was hardly a Starbucks to be found, now there seems to be one on every corner. Have you tried Intelligentsia coffee? There are a few stores in the city. My bliss is a cup of tea and a doughnut from Firecakes on West Hubbard. Do you know it?

    Your tree looks fun and so do you.

  11. This is so cute!! You need a Tim Hortons coffee cup on that ~ a ittle bit of Canadiana.

  12. So unique and I love
    that it reflects the
    hospitality of you and
    your family, Glenda!

    Your big tree is a beauty,
    as well. Enjoy gathering
    with all your favorite peeps,
    and have a very Merry Christmas!

    xo Suzanne

  13. Very fun to see your beverage tree - what a great idea for you, and sounds perfect for you and your family. Such a picture of hospitality:) Hope your Christmas was wonderful, Glenda!

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