Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ten Days in March ... On Becoming a Grandma

One forgets how crazy those first days are after giving birth to a baby.

Extreme exhaustion and pain amidst healthy food on pretty plates. Sitz baths and motrin and cups of tea in a favorite mug. No time to shower or floss your teeth, but time to quickly open the beautiful cards and packages that keep arriving in the mail box.

There is little time to process the birth (9#'s 1oz born 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital) because it takes so much energy to learn to feed your baby every two hours. As our friend Kelley said, "Breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart.")

There have been high highs and low lows, wonderful provisions (I am talking about you, Jamie), and a little miracle thrown in, too, on one hard night. Laughter and tears.

And so much thoughtfulness ... 

*beautiful meals brought by friends from church, thoughtfully packaged in old yogurt containers that do not have to be returned

*phone calls and text from out of state family and friends

*a landlord that drops by with goodies "I just baked this morning" 

It has been my joy, these past ten days, to wash dishes, change diapers, bake oatmeal and hang with Lily in the wee hours, so dad and mom can get just a few more minutes of sleep.

Amidst the craziness ... there is Lillian Joy. (Lily, Lillers, LJ, pumpkin patch, Lily skunk cabbage, baby girl, sweet cheeks etc.) She is a beautiful, cuddly, charming and chill baby.

We have been living in a wonderful baby cocoon where one forgets that el trains crash into airports.

I have been home for the weekend, but I cannot wait to go back tonight, because ... I am a grandma

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Wizard of Oz ... a few memories

I learned two things this year, at the Oscars.

     *I learned that it is the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. I loved the movie montage that they put together.

     *I learned of the singer Pink. She was sharing the stage with musical heavy weights, U2 and Bette Midler.  And, wow, did she ever steal the show with her beautiful rendition of  Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was stunning. (I gave her a standing ovation)

I have several memories of The Wizard of Oz that came to mind ...

     *Memory #1 ~ When I was in the 4th grade, our family (minus my brother, Tom, who spent the summer at a farm with some friends) packed a few bags and moved into two dorm rooms at the University of Washington in Seattle.

In preparation for our move to Viet Nam, my parents were taking classes at the Summer Institute of Linguistics. 

My sisters, Sue, Ruth and I, were busy with our Barbie paperdolls, playing pick up sticks and attending classes for the kids.

We had projects, swimming, and field trips, but our favorite part of the day was when one of the girls gathered us all up and read aloud ... The Wizard of Oz. We were spell bound.

     *Memory #2 ~  Dave traveled often when the girls were little and we passed a lot of that time watching great movies and reading amazing books. (we loved the library)

One of our many favorites that we watched over and over was The Dreamer of Oz, the fascinating story of Frank L. Baum, who authored The Wizard of Oz.

John Ritter played Mr. Baum and his wife was played by Annette O'Toole. (who was in another of our favorites, Girl of the Limberlost) We loved this creative true story.

Of course, my girls read the book many times, too.

     *Memory #3 ~ Who could forget the day Mister Rogers had "the wicked witch of the west" as his guest, to show kids that under all that crazy makeup, there was just a nice sweet girl.

     *Memory #4 ~ And with my name being Glenda, I cannot count the times I have had this conversation: (including just last week with a Starbucks barista)

barista: Can I get your name for this order?

me: Glenda

barista: Isn't Glenda the name of one of the witches
in The Wizard of Oz?

me: Yes, only she spelled it Glinda.

barista: Was she the good witch or the bad witch?

me: (with a tiny bit sarcastic smile) Glinda, was the good witch, of course.

So, the moral of this story ...

     *read tons of good books aloud together
       when your kids are still at home

     *watch tons of great movies together

You will create wonderful memories. And, thanks, Frank L. Baum, for one of our favorites! 

ps. Now, we live in Chicago, just blocks from the home Frank L. Baum lived in while he wrote the wonderful and wacky The Wizard of Oz.

pss. And, thanks Pink, I find myself humming Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 
several times a day. What is it about this song that tugs so on the hearts strings.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Catching Up

Life has been a tiny busy lately. Let's see if I can catch you up a wee bit. 

morning after a storm at Cannon Beach

At the end of January, Dave and I were away for three weeks:
     *a WorldVenture conference in Denver

     *visiting family and supporters in Seattle
       and Spokane

     *and ending up at Ecola Bible School in
      Cannon Beach, OR. Dave has taught here
      for 28 years. 

I have had my head in books, preparing to teach Lesson 6 of The Chase for Women@Park. Can you believe these adorable young women have been coming every Saturday morning at 9 a.m? 200 of them.

My topic was "surrender in suffering." If you would like a copy of my talk, e.mail me and I would be glad to send it to you for your encouragement.

We have been excitedly preparing for the birth (very soon) of our first granbaby ... a girl.

I did a "spring clean while it snowed" of Jenny's house, while the girls decorated the nursery.

Jenny made copies from her favorite children's books and framed them. You will see a distinct British theme here.

I hosted a baby shower for Jenny and Daniel. So fun.

And, I have been working on this quilt.  My friend, Becky did the sewing and I did the ironing. Now the hand quilting is my job. I did this blanket stitching while I watched the Oscars. (I will tell you the sweet heart story of this quilt later.)

We have had the charming Devin and Cole for the weekend. We love these kids.

I even snuck in a few coffee dates with Dave.

So, there you have it. A bit of what my past few months have been about. 

What have you been up to?

ps.  Oh yes ... and my car engine blew up, stranding Christy and I on the side of the freeway for 2 hours in 7 degree weather. We were so cold, but safe and sound and even had fun. Looking for a new car. Ugh ... we do not know anything about cars.

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