Monday, June 30, 2014

I Heart Spokane

I just flew to Spokane for ten days to be with my family. My dad lost his wife to cancer. We Johnsons are good at lots of things, but this clan is really good at rallying around each other when needed.

I had a hard time saying goodbye and getting on the plane to return home. There are hundreds of reasons that I love Spokane. 

And here is just one of them...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pecan Goodness

Whenever I hear the sound of Dave, my husband, rustling around in the kitchen, I know in a few short minutes, or hours, I will be eating something delicious.

Dave just got home from a week of meetings and he often unwinds ... in the kitchen. Lucky me.

This dessert muffin is delicious. Our downstairs neighbors love it when Dave bakes these ... because he shares.

Here is Dave's recipe:


1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup flour
2 cups chopped pecans
2/3 cups butter, softened
2 eggs, beaten

Mix sugar, flour and pecans. Mix eggs and butter and add to dry ingredients.

Spoon batter into muffin cups. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 - 17 minutes.

Enjoy. Share with your neighbors, or you will want to eat them all.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Christy Childers ... nomad. thinker. writer. girl

I love having adult daughters. There has been a lot of internet sadness going on lately, about kids growing up. (college, high school and kindergarten graduations bring this on) Well, I am here to tell you ~ the best is yet to come. Any time I get to hang out with these girls ... feels like Christmas morning.

They are fun, charming, sweet and really good thinkers. And great wordsmiths, too.

nomad. thinker. writer. girl

Take Christy, for example. Her pen has been really busy and I love her recent projects.

Check out her two articles on BOOK RIOT.
(I love their byline ~ Always books. Never boring.)

     (inspired by the stack of books on her sister's nightstand)

     (find out what Christy does & does not have in common ...
        with Jane Eyre)

POSTCARDS TO AUTHORS is a creative blog that Christy started a few months back. In her words ...

Postcards to Authors is a little project

that I started when I got a box of 100 Penguin Postcards for my birthday,

& decided to use them to write to my favourite authors, literary agents, & other bookish people,

just to say thanks for making great books.

I post them here (& in the mail) every Monday morning.

Here are a few more examples ~

Cool project, eh? 

As for Jenny, she is not writing much right now. Her hands are a bit full with this adorableness ...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

OUR DAD ... preacher and prayer

hipster dad
Our dad is adorable. He is:

     *cute and super funny

     *a foodie but super skinny

     *a wordsmith with a huge vocabulary

But mostly, he is a preacher and a prayer.

Through years of ministry and attending many hospital room death bed scenes, he knows a bit about your last days on earth.

One time he told me, "Glenny, most people die the same way they lived." I would say the same thing for the way my dad has aged. He has aged, the same way he lived the rest of his life ... preaching and praying.

Right now, dad is attending the final days of his second wife, Dorothy. Dad and Dot got married one year after we lost our lovely mom to cancer. And two years after Dorothy had lost her husband. They both had been married 55 years and both had five kids. They have been married for seven years.

Dad and Dot ~ July 2012
Last Sunday, dad preached, I think because he had something important to say, and because Dorothy wanted to hear him preach one more time. These are precious words, Getting Through When There Is No Way Out. These are words my dad has modeled for us for years.

If you want to stand on a wee bit of holy ground, you can listen in ... 27 minutes of truth for whatever midnight you might be experiencing. Dad is a preacher.

And, Dad is a prayer. I grew up to the sound of my dad's praying voice off in the distance, in the early hours of the morning. And it is a sound I love when I visit him now.

Last week, my sister Sue, spent the night at dad's. It was a bit of a rough night, but once again Dorothy pulled through.

I was not surprised, not surprised at all, when Sue sent me this text ... "Listening to the familiar sound of our dad praying."  That is our dad!

ps. My brother, Tim, asked dad once for his philosophy on life. Lots of years of experience condensed into four point ...


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why I Still Like Facebook

Facebook can be a bit of a pill lately. And I truly wish they would stop the algorithm silliness. But I still like Facebook. Truly like it.

I have lived in a lot of places ... continents, countries and cities. And Facebook helps me stay in touch with many people. I like keeping in touch with folks.

Recently, I posted this ... adorableness on my Facebook page.

Our grand baby, Lillian
This post got lots of likes and comments. They came in from friends from all different stages of my life. It looked like this:

     *family members (13)

     *former neighbors (2)

     *Royal Servants (26)

     *blogging friends (11) 

     *Fourth Memorial Church/Spokane (4)

     *Ecola Bible School/Cannon Beach, OR (2)

     *childhood friends of the girls (3)

     *former nannies (3)

     *Minnetonka Community Church/MN (10)

     *WorldVenture coworkers (11)

     *people I worked with at Panera (1)

     *girls I have mentored (7)

     *Village Chapel/WA (12)

     *Grace Community Church/WA (6)

     *Highlands Community Church/WA (25)   

     *kids that were in our youth group (6)

     *boarding school friend/Viet Nam (2)

     *Park Community Church/IL (3)

     *Northview Bible Church/Spokane (7)

     *former ministry partners/Sonlife (3)

     *friends from college/Biola (4)

That is why I like Facebook ... I like keeping in touch with people.

What do you think about Facebook these days?    



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