Friday, May 1, 2015


I am always looking for new and fresh ways to study an old and fresh book, the Bible. 

Recently, I was introduced to a creative group called Illustrated Faith. Using a few art supplies, and their own style, many have join in this new method of recording what is standing out in their Scripture reading. 

Doesn't this look inspiring ...
I have been doing a little experimenting myself, figuring out just what I want my style to be, as I reflect on Bible verses that I am studying.

Recently, I made this piece to commemorate the completion of our Woman@Park study of Philippians, and made a copy for all the women.

This one is from my quiet time last week.
Some mornings, I do not feel like getting out the art box, but I am enjoying the way it helps me focus on the words ... so I just outline it in my journal.

My friend, Anne, has joined in the fun, too. She started out simply and is developing a really cool style.

My favorite sister, Sue, always enjoys joining the party. (Sue said I could use her picture, if I call her my favorite sister. Sorry, Ruth. You are also my favorite and you have the coolest art supplies.)

Later, Sue wrote around the cross, some of the circumstances of her life that she is praying and giving thanks for.

So, what do you think? Is this something that you would enjoy trying? 

I love it, as it helps me reflect in a different way on the verse. (kind of a combination of things I have learned from diagramming, outlining and Precept Ministries observation worksheets) 

And, everyone's style is uniquely their own. If you want to see more examples, check out illustrated faith's Facebook page.   

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