Monday, May 2, 2016

Creativity AND Compromise in the Kitchen

For me, house hunting is really fun. I know what I like and really know what I do not like and I make quick decisions. Our great realtor, Nate, told me that his job would be much easier if all of his clients were ... like me.

After one house fell through, we were down to the wire (our lease was about to expire), when I found a house on.line that looked perfect. 

When we arrived to see it, my expectations were super high and I was super tired. Immediately, I saw about 15 things I did not like about the house. And when I do not like something, that rarely changes.

As we got in the car, I think Dave (my husband)  and Nate (our realtor), about had heart attacks, because they both knew this was the perfect house for us. 

Fortunately, I listened to them and before we pulled away from the curb, we made an offer on what would become our new home. 

Now it was time to get creative with the things I did not like. Here is what the kitchen looked like when we first saw it.

A  beautiful kitchen, indeed, but...

     *Why is there a burner on the end of the counter?
My solution - cover it with my favorite lime green dutch oven.

     *Oh no, I hate utensil holders, and this one is deeply imbedded in the almost new tile. My solution - use it as a spot to hang pretty things. (this has become one of my favorite places to decorate)

At Christmas, it held some of my sweet tiny beverage ornaments.

But the thing that bugged me the most, was these brightly colored vegetables and COWS that were glued onto the beautiful white tiles. Big ugh.

It has taken me months to decide what to do. Hanging a picture over them did not work. Replacing the tiles was expensive. So finally I decided to paint them white. Not perfect ... but much better.

And here is where the compromise came in ... I had just finished painting out the ugly cows, when I received a text from Dave. "Hey, babe, I would like it if you did not paint the vegetables."

Believe me, I was tempted to text back, "Oh, sorry, I already painted them." But you know this thing called marriage is not all about what I WANT. I call this next picture, "Compromise in the kitchen."

Anything bugging you in your house? Might be time for a little creativity and compromise.



  1. I'm so glad to see you back on the blogging life!!! I've missed reading your post! Love what you're doing to your "new" home and seeing the personal touches you've made. Simply lovely! What a beautiful and roomy kitchen!

    My house? There are many things that i'd love to change in my own home, and now that the kids are grown we've started making changes. I recently painted my kitchen cabinets, tiled the backplash, and made new curtains. It feels like a new place - kinda.

  2. Oh, this post makes me laugh out loud. Marriage is all about compromise :-) What a beautiful house!

  3. I love your kitchen Glenda but I am totally like you. Either I really like something or I don't, no wishy washy :) You came up with some great solutions and compromises!

  4. Hi Glenda, I love this post. I was smiling all the way through. Yes, time to "paint the cows" lol. And some compromise thrown in. Great post
    God bless

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