Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday in the City (and the garden)

Last Sunday, Dave was traveling, so I went to church with Christy, which is always fun. 

After a lovely walk home, we decided to pop into the city. Christy took me to her favorite nursery in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, where she used to live.

We quickly found a parking spot (no easy task in Chicago) and this is the first thing we see ...

I love it that the artist arrived with all the paints he needed and a cup of coffee, too. (look closely) 


Just the colorful city inspiration we needed to choose some flowers. 

I love these privately farmed nurseries ... it is not racks and racks of the same flower and when you get home to plant ... not a single root bound plant.
And a wagon to take your purchases back to your car.


Years ago, when the girls first moved to Chicago, they purchased their Christmas tree here, and carried it home on one of these same wagons.

We have been enjoying some beautiful late spring / early summer days, with a few storms mixed in. Perfect weather for weeding and planting. 

I love puttering in my garden. What are you planting in yours? 

ps. When Lillian visits, the first words out of her mouth are, "back garden, Grandma, back garden." And off we go ... 


  1. Don't you just love this time of the year! I have planted cosmos and pansies and love when all the perennials start to shoot up out of the ground.

  2. That is a beautiful nursery and wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon! Your garden is chock full of pretty plants. The little ones do seem enchanted by flowers!

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday!


  3. What a fun day you had Glenda and your yard looks beautiful. I know your loving having a yard after being in an apartment for awhile.

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