Thursday, May 5, 2016

Try to Marry Someone Fun

Marriage is not for wimps. Even 38 years in ... Dave and I still have to work hard, especially at staying connected in this season of busy ministry.

One thing that really helps is that I married someone fun. By nature, I am a hesitant homebody. I have done lots of crazy things:

     *grew up in Viet Nam during the war

     *went away with my brothers and sisters to
       boarding school

     *went to college out of State (Biola) while my 
       family was still overseas

     *married Dave (Mr. Adventure) 
     *lived in a tent with our kids for 4 1/2 years (we took high school students to Europe on mission trips for 18 years with Reign Ministires)  


But, really, my first response to adventure is always to say no. So it is good that I married Dave. Again, try to marry someone fun.

A few weeks ago, Dave came in from a long day of ministry and said, "Hey babe, save Friday. I want to go exploring food in the southside of Chicago." This means that he has been researching great places to eat.

Our first stop was Vito & Nick's. This was like a little trip to the 70's and we were the youngest people in the room. (downtown Chicago, we are always the oldest people in the room) 

Their thin crust pizza was amazing. (green peppers, sausage, onions and green olives) 

Our second stop was to a 90 year old Chicago tradition, Rainbow Cone

Five layers of delicious ice cream. (orange sherbet, pistachio, vanilla with cherries and walnuts, strawberry and chocolate)

Then we popped in to visit one of our new campuses that I had not seen yet.

Try to marry someone fun.

Yesterday, Dave got back from a staff retreat. Again, he popped in the door and said, "Hey babe, are you around on Friday?" 

"Why?" I ask cautiously. 

"I want to take you to one of our favorite coffee shops."

"Sure. Where do you want to go?" 

Dave ... "Wisconsin." Yup, we are driving to Wisconsin on Friday for a cup of coffee.

colectivo coffee
Try to marry someone fun. Dave is also funny and can always make me laugh.

What is something you love about your spouse?   



  1. Such fun! I love that my hubby gets crazy ideas at times and they often result in such fun times away from home. I doubt we will ever drive to Wisconsin for coffee - unless we're somewhere closer than Oregon! But we just might jump in the car and have lunch or coffee at the Oregon Coast!

    1. You and your Dave take the most fun trips.


  2. I love that! We're not quite as spontaneous as that, but my husband definitely makes me laugh every day. I always tell young women to marry someone who makes them laugh. :)

    1. You and I often think alike, Shelly, and we both love to laugh.


  3. Oh, yeah, laughter is HUGE. I love that my husband is so good with little kids -and that he makes me laugh!

  4. But Glenda I thought you were the queen of fun..decluttering and coloring...oh right, those are stay ay home adventures. How sweet that your husband does get you out and about. Sweet to see your blog again.

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