Saturday, June 25, 2016

Museum Visits with Kids ... one of my favorite tips (ever)

Every summer, for 18 years, we packed up our family and traveled to Europe with Royal Servants.

The first summer that I tented around Europe with Dave and his team (35 students and 10 leaders), Christy had  just turned 5 and Jenny was 15 months. Oh my ... it was insane. (and sometimes really really cool)

While I had lots of ministry experience, I had

     *never lived in a tent

     *never been to Europe. 

I had lived in 5 countries, but nothing prepared me for this experience. 

Before we left, I bought a book called Europe with Children. I studied each of the 8 countries we would be visiting. None of it really helped ... I was a little too traumatized by tenting across Europe with two babies to remember much. 

But out of that book ... came one of my favorite ideas that I used for many many years and still love.

Of course, we visited many beautiful and amazing museums, which my kids enjoyed because of this cool idea...

Here is what you do:

          *buy your tickets and while everyone is in the long line to get into the museum, head directly with your kids to the museum store.

          *go straight to the postcard section, and have your kids pick out 2 - 10 postcards that they like. (depending on their age) Buy the postcards.

            *now, and only now, head to the museum. And take your kids on a super fun hunt to find the art pieces that are on their post cards.

            *this also allows you to skip all of the expensive touristy things in the gift shop.You have already gone and can skip it at the end of the tour.

When you get back home, your kids had a good time and also have wonderful, beautiful art for their bulletin boards, journals or a gift for grandma.

from Musee d'orsay, our favorite Paris museum



  1. Wow, every year to Europe, that is quite an adventure! Thanks for sharing that idea for kids, it would work for adults as well I guess ;)

  2. Sounds like a great tip....which saved you some hectic times, no doubt :)


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  4. and now you are the grandma...sweet

  5. What an awesome idea!! Lisa in Texas :O)


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