Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Salads are the BEST

Eight years ago, I began blogging. I have build so many amazing relationships. One of my favorite bloggers is Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine.

Several springs ago, Chris was in Chicago and we met for coffee downtown. We shared so many things in common ~

     *a love of Jesus
     *a love of our sweet husbands

     *we both had a daughter living in England

     *blogging, food, etc. 

Chris is a serious blogger, along with her husband, Scott, who photographs everything for their cool food blog. 

I enjoy so many of her recipes, but my all time favorites are her salads. 

I added the avocado and shredded the zucchini.

I recently made her Mexican Chopped Salad. Oh my goodness. Her recipe includes a nifty way to quickly cook the corn on the cob, too.

Our family also loves Chris' Fresh Corn Salad. Did I mention mango ... bacon ... avocado?

Ever since I read Shauna Niequist spiritual memoir, Bread and Wine about the joy found in a life around the table, I make all my dressings homemade. Just so much better. I love both Shauna's and Chris' dressing recipes.

Check these two salads out ... you will love them. They are easy (just some serious chopping) and so very delicious. And, tell Chris I said hello.

Happy summer salads.


  1. The salads sound wonderful, Glenda. I've been Pinning recipes left and right. I could live on them year round! You and Chris really do have a lot in common...that's very neat!


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  3. Yes to making dressing...when I taste bottled, all I taste are preservatives and chemicals...even in the most expensive. The salads look delicious; you had me at 'bacon'. lol


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